The best way to scan your SEO website in 2018




The way to scan your website like Google does well

Baas & Baas has developed a method to fully scan websites in terms of SEO. We do this by means of our own composite method. We combine various, free and paid SEO tools. Because we have seen that our method works and that this offers a lot of value to customers, we would like to share this with you! Below we have explained our way of working. Of course, you can try it yourself! If you don't get out, we can always help you.

SEO scan method Boss & Boss

Below we summarized what our full SEO scan looks like.

Keyword analysis
- Keyword research
Which relevant keywords are important for your target audience? - Competition analysis
Which competitors are active on these keywords and what are the current best practices?

On-page analysis
A. Keywords + Alt text, data etc.
B. Usability; mobile, target audience, UX
C. Statistics; search console + google analytics
D. Website checking with other tools (e.g. speed tests)

Off-page analysis
A. Backlinks analysis
B. Linkbuilding strategy (advice on hours)

free SEO Scans

The first feature you can apply as a company to the SERP is of course that you want to be as far at the top of the first page as possible. Once you are there, it is also important that people click on your link. You can stimulate this by inviting the title, URL and meta description and, for example, incorporating a call to action.

On-page tools

In addition to organic search results, you can also place online ads to increase your findability. However, the necessary knowledge of Google Ads and determining the right keywords is required to achieve good results. If you don't know much about this, it is advisable to call in a specialist. The ads with images have recently been displayed on the right side of the page. As a result, there is more room for organic search results in the list.

Off-page tools

The piece of text under the link is also called the 'snippet'. Here you can mention what the link is about. A rich snippet shows additional information between the URL and the description. For example, you can enter Google reviews, specify opening hours, or list the number of calories of a recipe. This allows you to provide more information in one line than in a normal 'snippet'. You can create a rich snippet by adding HTML tags to the formatting of a page.

Get your website scanned?

Keep in mind that Google is constantly on the move and so is the SERP. So try to create a balance between paid ads and natural search results on the SERP. In addition, it is wise to take into account the changing maximum number of words in the title and meta description. The more space for this, the more keywords you can put in the text.

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