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Does your company deserve more attention online but don't have time to invest in it? Then we can help you. You don't just come up with an online marketing strategy and require the necessary attention. For example, a strategy consists of different forms such as SEO and SEA but also social media. To give you an idea of what Baas & Baas can do for your company, we will tell you more about our working method in this blog.


Search Engine Optimization is also called search engine optimization and is an important part of online marketing. At Baas & Baas we make sure that your website is found more often by means of on- and off-page SEO. First of all, we will look for the keywords that allow the right visitors to come to your website. We then implement these on the website, this is on-page SEO. Then, through linkbuilding and content marketing,off-page SEO, we ensure an increase in rankings.

Baas & Baas first offers everyone a free SEO scan. With this we map the position of your company and we can estimate exactly what needs to be done. Next, we will work on the strategy drawn up, using only Google-approved and valued methods. Every month you get a full report on your company's performance.


SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and includes paid advertising in the search engine. Google Ads allows you to create and deploy your own ads. The optimal deployment of Google Ads requires some knowledge. It works using an auction system that allows you to bid on ad sites in the search engine. This is based on keywords. In addition to the amount of the bid, Google also looks at the quality of the ad. To save costs, it is also important to optimize the ad.

Baas & Baas also offers a free €300 scan for SEA. On the basis of the scan, we make a non-committal proposal to optimally launch and monitor the Google Ads campaign. We provide advice on the quality of the ad, analyze the results and optimize the campaign so that the maximum return is taken from the ads.

Social media

Social media is also an important part of the online visibility of your company. Creating a good social media strategy can raise many questions. Because what exactly should you post? On which channel should you post it and when? After that, you sometimes have to deal with (negative) comments and ads are also a possibility.

Baas & Baas offers help with these matters and gives advice on how to deal with them. Among other things, we help you choose the right social media channels to promote your content. This way we know exactly which channel is needed at what time and we help to increase your reach.

Have you become interested in any of our services or do you have a question following this blog? Then reassure him!

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