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We believe that a beautiful website is worth nothing without visitors and
that visitors are worth nothing without a website that converts.

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Content marketing is triggering your target audience by telling a clear, relevant and credible story. The bottom line is that you share the right information, at the right time, through the right channel with the right audience.

We believe in relevant communication that captivates and entertains your target group. It is therefore important to build a strong bond with your target audience. Because effective storytelling and a well thought-out content strategy, every consumer can turn into an active brand ambassador.

Content Strategy


The basis of Content marketing is a good strategy. We focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, consistent content. The purpose of this is to attract your target audience. We are also fully committed to engagement in this way you ensure that your target group will produce content about you (earned).

All of this aims to eventually bring in a profitable customer. Combine paid, owned, earned and social media and you are the Boss of the internet. 

  • Relevant content

  • Content strategy

  • Sweet spot

  • Customer journey

  • Earned media

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    How do we help the customer a step further?2019-01-30T15: 25: 24 + 01: 00

    Think of the questions and needs of the customer and how you can respond relevantly with the right content, the right place and the right time. By means of an FAQ, for example.

    Which brand story are we going to tell?2019-01-30T15: 25: 40 + 01: 00

    There is a huge mountain of content nowadays. This increases the need to claim a surprising and unique brand story. We look for your unique brand story that distinguishes you from your competitors. Storytelling is an effective tool in this.

    What type of content do we use?2019-01-30T15: 25: 56 + 01: 00

    A thoughtful content approach makes a mix of three types. Basic content (also called help content) answers all the basic questions your target group has (eg FAQ). This content is optimized for search engines and helps you to be found online. With campaign content or hub content put a theme on the map in a short period of time. Top content (also called hero content) determines the branding of your brand. This is content of exceptional quality and is therefore most likely to go viral.

    How are we found and seen?2019-01-30T15: 26: 11 + 01: 00

    It starts with being found in searches (keyword research and competition analysis help with this) and being present at the relevant touchpoints. However, as the battle for attention is getting fiercer, it is just as important to invest in an active yet effective distribution of your content and create a content plan. A content calendar can help you with this.

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    Content Marketing Website Design

    Do you want to become a content boss?

    We are happy to guide you in developing a website through the following steps:

    • 1. Brainstorm and corporate identity

      In this phase we determine the content of the website together with you. Think of the purpose of the site, the target group, a marketing plan, personas and corporate identity.

      No logo or corporate identity yet? We have brand / logo designers for every budget.

    • 2. Design & Realization

      We package your digital identity in a beautiful, intelligent and responsive design. Thanks to our extensive WordPress experience, we can create sites quickly and therefore cheaply.

      A feedback round will then follow. We will process this feedback until you are satisfied!

    • 3. Now visitors!

      A beautiful website is worth nothing without visitors. With our online marketing techniques, we ensure that the first visitors arrive on your site through multiple channels.

      Your website is optimized for Google by default. But also Facebook, Adwords, link building and other social media are considered.



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