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Influencer marketing is now a well-known term and is increasingly being used by brands. Many brands already have influencer marketing by default in their marketing mix. It is also increasingly happening that influencer marketers are hired to work on this full-time. This new form of marketing is located in a growing and dynamic market. Constantly there are new trends and rules. Lora Stokkel of influencer marketing agency Onfluence shares three insider tips on working in or with this dynamic business in this blog.

Tip 1: look beyond numbers

It makes sense for marketers to look at what marketing costs and what it ultimately brings. They often have to answer to their employer why they want marketing budget freeed for a particular activity. Whereas the effect of marketing used to be very difficult to measure, it is nowadays increasingly measurable. This is mainly about creating awareness. Therefore, try to have the goal of people signing up for your newsletter or following the brand on Instagram. This way you keep the new followers warm and they can be convinced of your product or service at a later date.

A giveaway also helps very well to create awareness. Let influencers do a win, so both parties create even more awareness for the brand, because there is a lot of interaction.

Often the biggest results of influencer marketing are not always visible in the short term. People need repetition to eventually move on to action such as buying a product or using a service. By showing the brand frequently, this form of marketing will ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

Tip 2: Turn influencers into ambassadors

One-off collaborations are a history. Does an influencer work well for your brand and is he or she also enthusiastic about your brand? Then make sure you use this influencer more often and enter into a long-term relationship. This means not only that they promote something for you on a regular basis, but also that you get to know each other better. An ambassador's planning is a useful tool for this. For example, you plan for a year on fixed days when and what you send them something. This can be done for example at Christmas or on their birthday. In addition, make sure that your ambassadors are the first to be allowed to test a product or involve them in developing a new product. Influencers love privileges.

"Once influencers are ambassadors, treat them as friends and not employees."

Once you have ambassadors for your brand, it's important to keep the contact warm. Treat them like friends and never as employees. Occasionally ask how they are and make sure you actively respond to their social media channels. You can attach a card when sending a product that you'd like it if she shared this, but you can never commit to this.

Tip 3: Use the influencer as your new photographer

It seems like a good idea, using influencers with a huge range. It's just a pity that there's often a huge price tag on that huge range. Many people don't know that you can use influencer marketing in a different way. At the moment there are many novice influencers, with relatively few followers, who create very high quality content. These influencers can be used for product photography or promotional material, for example. They are super creative and do not yet charge ridiculously high fees. As a brand, you get quality content that you don't have to use a whole team for and you save on the cost.

Please note that you are recruiting influencers who create content that suits the brand and its look. When you find it difficult to recruit the right influencers, it is possible to turn on an agency for this. They will then look for you for the right influencers where the content fits the brand.

If you're stuck, have questions or don't know how to start setting up and setting up influencer campaigns, it's possible to turn on an agency. For example, at Onfluence, it is possible to outsource the entire influencer marketing, but also to receive flexible support.

Look at how influencer marketing fits into your marketing mix. Keep in your ass that influencer marketing is part of the long-term strategy and provide the right goal per influencer campaign. Don't go for one-time collaborations, but make influencers an ambassador for your brand. Have you found ambassadors for your brand? Keep the contact warm and create an equal relationship. Would you like to use an influencer just for photography? Select them on the quality of the content and make sure his or her style fits the brand's style.

Bonus tip: Let the influencer take over the brand's Instagram Story for a day

First, discuss with the influencer what they will share that day via Instagram stories. For example: 'a glimpse into the life of' or 'behind the scene'. The influencer mentions on her own Instagram account that she does a takeover that day through stories of the brand. This will bring in new followers and give you new and creative content as a brand.

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