The craziest Google hits





What are the most crazy google hits in the world?

Of course, stereotyping is very common. For example, the Netherlands is associated with Weed, Kaas and Klompen. Germans are often mentioned in a sense with beer and in Turkey beautiful carpets are apparently made.

The fixr company has been investigating google searches by country. They use a complete formula. Where the best things come out when you look at how much something costs in a Netherlands.

The three craziest google hits are anyway:

  • People in Brazil want to know how much a prostitute costs.
  • People in Russia want to know how much a MIG plane costs.
  • People in Honduras want to know how much cocaine costs.

Some more eye-catching search results:

  • In addition, in Australia they love House very much, which is apparently a much sought after hit.
  • Not only in Germany they love beer, but also in Chile and South America.
  • In Russia, many people look up the cost of Electronics.
  • And how else in Saudi Arabia the price of a camel.

Check out all the search results below.

google hits-asia

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