SMEs moderately online findable





SMEs still moderately online findable

The medium of small businesses in the Netherlands are still too limited to find in the Dutch search engines. Of the Dutch SME websites, only 43 are optimized for search engines, so the remaining 57 are poorly findable. This is shown by SMEs online findable research by SME online Monitor, carried out by the TNS Nippo.

An example of this is Google Places, this is only used by 7 of the entrepreneurs. Whereas the local market for MKBers is an important market. Through Google Places, the company can increase findability through its location, as described in this article of Moreover, SME websites are often out dated and rarely renewed.

SMEs findable online

While SMEs have become more and more online findable is Social Media. Most SMEs have created a social media profile, but the question is how many of these companies actively use the profile and in the right way. More than 50% of the Dutch people are now looking for companies via Social Media. For example, someone wants to buy something from an unknown webshop, many people now view the Facebook profile before purchasing. Transparent SMe online findability therefore increases the ability on customers.

93 of the Dutch search through Google!


However, the SME Online Monitor has investigated that in July 2013 37 of SMEs will be willing to invest in a new website within two years. In the field of websites, a new trend is going on anyway, because the replacement demand has increased to 50. In addition, SMEs websites are becoming more professional, more than 40 spends building a website out to a professional party. In addition, we see a trend in the combination of SEO and SEA. In the field of Facebook Marketing in particular, there is much to be gained for SMEs.


Our expectation is that SMEs online will certainly improve. As SEO is increasingly recognized as one of the most important online marketing tactics. In addition, everyone searches nowadays through Google and Social Media so you can't stay behind.

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