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Whether you're a marketer or owner of a startup, sooner or later you'll become a Facebook advertiser. Why? By deploying ads, you can quickly reach a wide target audience. Plus, you can target an ad on Facebook to a specific audience. What's important here is knowing how to set up a Facebook ad that attracts the attention of your target audience. Do you want to know how? In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of Facebook ads, how to analyze and optimize them.

Types of Facebook ads

There are several advertising options to choose to reach your audience. You choose a separate objective per campaign. Below are the main features highlighted:

1. Click to website

Attract more visitors to your website or webshop.

2. Website conversions

Generate more registrations, downloads, purchases on your website.

3. Page post engagement

Boost your Page post and get more likes, comments and shares.

4. Page likes

Get more likes on your facebook page

In addition, there are other ad objectives such as app installations, event responses, video views, and claimed offers. Recently, a new target has been added, namely generating leads through a form. You won't be able to use it properly until you've developed a good Facebook strategy. The lead form will of course have to be attractive enough, so that your target audience will leave its data.

Determine your audience

A Facebook page has many advantages and possibilities. The possibilities are endless. On the other hand, it is important that you reach your target group in the right way. Facebook allows you to segment on age, gender, occupation, country, region and interests. By determining the age group as well as possible, costs can fall sharply. In addition, location is also an interesting factor. For example, you can launch different ad sets per province. It is important to test with different ad sets. You can experiment by making a change each time. By changing a factor in the ad or audience, you know if this results in a positive or negative effect. The main measures for this are ctr and relevance score.

Furthermore, there are some useful tips to create a good target group.

1. Facebook Retargeting

This is a good way to advertise to your website visitors. These people are a very relevant target group. It's also possible to access customized audiences that perform specific actions on your website, such as visiting a product page, adding a product to the cart, or purchasing a product. It is important to first determine an appropriate strategy. Retargeting can be done using the Facebook pixel. A pixel is a code that you can place on your website to build audiences. How do you proceed?

  • Install the pixel under "parts."
facebook pixel
  • Place the pixel on the pages of your website you want to track.

You can install a plug-in for this. It is better to process the code in your website without a plug-in. If the pixel is placed, it may take a while to get active. The activity must first be measured.

  • Create a custom audience.

You can then create an audience in Facebook from your website visitors. You do this under pixels, too. You can choose to retarget all your website visitors or only people who visit specific web pages.

facebook pixel audience

The custom combination is to record and exclude combinations of pages. Think, for example, of people who view our website but have not clicked through to the free SEO scan at the bottom of the page.

  • Advertise on Facebook

Once the target group is created, you can start retargeting them. Choose from audience for custom audience.

Facebook Custom Audience

2. Lookalike audience

By choosing a lookalike audience in your ad set, your target audience is very similar to your current audience of your Page. Facebook shows statistics how much percent the audience is different from your current audience. This is also an excellent way to target new but relevant people. You can exclude people who already like your Page.

Facebook Lookalike Audience

Analyze the results

The result will depend on your ad goal. Under Ad Manager, you can find the statistics. These include: reach, views, clicks, cost, CTR, CPC, and conversions. The higher your relevance score + CTR and the lower the CPC, the better the ad.

Another important point is engagement with your target audience. Depending on the performance of the ad and other factors, the relevance score is determined. This score demonstrates the engagement of your audience. It is displayed with a digit of 1 to 10. If your relevance score is high, the cost to the ad will also decrease. In addition, the time of just sending a message and waiting for effect is over. Engagement with your brand or product is what it's all about.


Become a Facebook pro

By setting up different versions of your ads, you can find out which ad is best seen with your audience. An excellent tool for this is Adespresso. By gaining more insight into your audience, you can exclude ads that perform least and continue with ads that perform best. A different color or text can ensure even better performance.

Win the attention of your target audience? Research has shown that images with cheerful people attract attention. In addition, the use of striking colors is recommended. Facebook's corporate identity consists of blue and white. Chances are people will skip your ad if you use too much blue. In addition, you can book more results by offering your target audience an action.

Without a well thought-out strategy, things can go wrong. The more specific your audience, the better the ad scores. It is now also possible to conduct a/b tests in Facebook itself. Testing different ad set strategies can give you more insight into which leads to the best results. Your target group is divided into unique groups. Each ad set has 1 clear difference. This could be a different audience type or other display optimization method. In addition, you can choose to divide your budget and reach evenly or to make a set weigh more heavily than the others.

Facebook-a/b test

Facebook measures and compares the performance of your campaign objective. The results are extremely important for designing your next campaign and testing new variables.

Facebook to be boss?

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