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Help! Facebook has added a new feed, namely the explore feed. How does this new feed work and what impact does it have on organic traffic on Facebook? Based on this article, we bring you back up-to-date.

Facebook added something new alongside the newsfeed a while ago: the explore feed. As is often the case when Facebook changes its algorithm, there is panic again.

Is the organic reach disappearing on Facebook?

This is not entirely unjustified, because during the worldwide launch of the explore feed, Facebook in a number of countries moved all posts from pages (brand and company pages) from the newsfeed to the explore feed. What remained in the newsfeed were just messages from friends and sponsored posts. In other words: doi organic range!

Whether this panic is justified is the question, but as it stands we can still breathe easy. Adam Mosseri, head of the Facebook newsfeeds, has indicated that this was a test and that they have no further plans to continue it in other countries. This test will take several months. This will also depend on how quickly people adapt.

Don't panic, do you?

So we don't have to feel threatened by the new Facebook feed yet, but the new feed will change some things. As the name implies, feed users can discover new content outside their existing network. We already know a similar feature from Instagram.

Suggestions will be made based on content you've liked or shared in the past. This also means that if you create the same kind of content as your conculleas you could reach the same audience! The content on the feed is not, as far as is known, paid for.

Both on the mobile and desktop versions, users must actively search for the new feed, making its use more difficult. The current tests will still have to show how the new feed is used and what changes need to be made. So we'll definitely keep an eye on it.

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