What is conversion optimization and how do you apply conversion optimization?





Conversie optimalisatie

What good is a beautiful website that is not found? And what good is a website that is found, but where no one contacts, orders or downloads something? Nothing at all. Blogs about SEO we have written a lot, check for example this blog about ranking factors for 2019. Now it's time for that second piece: conversion.

What is conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization literally means focusing on conversion optimization. But what is conversion? It depends on your purpose. Millions of conversion targets are possible, including simple versions such as a subscription to the newsletter, sent message via the contact form or a comment on a blog post. Maybe you have a webshop and conversion simply means that someone orders a product. It may be a little more complicated and you want people to download your e-book or brochure. That can also be a conversion target, and 1 conversion means that 1 person downloaded the document.

Conversion is easy to calculate: the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors. So conversion optimization means you're going to focus on increasing conversion. You're going to make sure your conversion rate is higher. How? We're going to explain that to you!

What good is conversion optimization?

In the past, the focus was only on visitors and users. But as we mentioned before, you don't have any use of website with millions of visitors if they don't do what you ultimately want. The goal of conversion optimization therefore depends on your conversion goal. Conversion optimization ensures that you really achieve something with your website and that you focus on certain goals. So you don't waste time and money on parts that don't matter.

Do's conversion optimization

Put simplicity first

Well, conversion optimization depends heavily on the goal, but what's right: you remove thresholds. If you want the contact form to be filled out more often, you need to make sure it's easy to fill out. Make it easier to find in your menu, if necessary, you can also place it in your footer. Make sure the fields are clear and that it takes your visitor as little time as possible. Make it easy. Conversion optimization is real: put simplicity at the heart of it. Then you make it as user-friendly as possible and win your trust, which ultimately results in a higher conversion rate.

Use Hotjar for heatmaps

Maybe you're already familiar with Hotjar. This free web tool is super convenient to track the behavior of your visitors. Heatmaps let you see what people are sitting on with their mouse on. Which parts of your website are well viewed and which are not? Do people look at that beautiful button in the bottom corner or are they just looking at your brightly colored header and big heads? Do the left stand out enough? Ultimately, it's about drawing visitors' attention to the elements on the web page you want. Read also Growth Hacking 2 : What is Hotjar and what do you use it for?

Do A/B testing

A/B testing means that you will check two different websites or adjustments. For example, do users click a button when it's blue or gray? Does a photo or one color in the header work better? Do people sign up for this free webinar with one or the other? It's not just about clicking behavior, it's also about how long people stay on the web page. A/B testing is therefore ideal for adjustments and to see what converts better. Read also Growth Hacking 3: What is A/B testing and how do you do this?

Don'ts conversion optimization

Changing multiple things at once

A/B testing is very valuable, but there is one condition: change only one thing at a time. If you change both the button text and the colour and the text above it, how do you know what works and what doesn't? What made the difference in the end? Test your adjustments piece by piece, so you know exactly what's better.

Many fields in your fill-in form have

Along the lines of "put simplicity first" it really is a killer to have too many fields in your fill-in form. Basically, you'll need enough of a name and email address. Phone number can be requested by email. Or vice versa: ask for the phone number, call and get the email address in this way.

Use light colors for buttons

Buttons should stand out. If they fit too much into the formatting of your text, people don't see them. It's a shame for your conversion rate. Choose a bright color. Make sure the colour still fits your website. If your theme colours are light grey and pale yellow, you can go for a gold-like or bright yellow color (which still needs to be readable, of course).

Endless thinking but doing nothing

Conversion optimization is about testing. You don't know what does and doesn't convert well if you don't start. Think carefully before you do anything is good, but don't stick in it. Build that page, update that form, design that e-book, rewrite those texts for your products and start testing. Only then will you know how to get your conversion rate up!

Get started with conversion optimization

Hopefully we've taught you some about conversion optimization. Keep in mind that, like the rest of online marketing, it's a process that requires time and attention. You have to invest in it and won't see a lot of results overnight. It's about long-term results. Do you prefer to focus on your core business and want to outsource conversion optimization to experts? Then you've done the right thing with us.

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