Growth Hacking 5: Lookalike Audiences (Facebook Advertising)






Do you recognize the next problem? You have thought very carefully about the targeting of your Facebook ads, but the number of visitors to your website is increasing at least.. And you put so much time into it. Don't panic, in this article we explain how you can get more success out of your Facebook ads using lookalike audiences (look-a-like audiences).  .

What is a lookalike audience?

If you create an ad, you can choose to target it to people in a lookalike audience. 'Similar target group' is the Dutch translation of the Facebook tool'look-a-like audience'. They are audiences that you can automatically create through Facebook. A lookalike audience offers you a way to reach new people who are most likely interested in your business. For your lookalike audience, Facebook is looking for 'new' people who are very similar to your current customers or visitors who have previously been on your website.

How does it work?

First of all, it's important that you can get useful data from your pixel data. Earlier in our blog about Facebook retargeting we have explained what a Facebook Pixel is and how it works. When you create a lookalike audience, you choose a source audience. You can create this source audience using your pixel data and/or mobile app data. Facebook identifies the similarities with the people in this audience. These similarities may be demographics or interests, for example. Then Facebook searches for people who look like (or are similar) to people from your source audience.

While creating a source audience, you can determine the size of the lookalike audience. Facebook recommends using a source audience of 1,000 to 50,000 people. For the reason that smaller audiences are more in line with your source audience, while larger audiences narrow the similar audience and source audience similarities. The quality of the source is also important. For example, if a source audience is your best customers instead of your entire customer base, it can lead to better results.


Create a lookalike audience on Facebook:

Step 1: Go to  Audiences          

Step 2: Click the Create Audience drop-down menu, and then choose Lookalike Audience

Step 3: Select your source  

Step 4: Choose the country/countries where you want to find a similar group of people  

Step 5: Select the target size you want with the slider

Step 6: Click Create audience

Have you completed all the steps? Then you can start creating successful ads!

Handy to know

  • People in your source audience will be excluded from your lookalike audience unless you use a pixel  as a source audience.
  • A lookalike Facebook audience can only be created by the page or pixel administrator from which the lookalike audience is created.
  • If you create a lookalike audience based on a custom audience, you'll need to be the creator of that custom audience.
  • If you create a lookalike audience based on mobile app device data, you'll need to have the role of administrator or developer for the app.
  • A source can be a custom audience that wasn't created with your pixel data, your mobile app information, or fans of your Page.
  • Consider using a group of 1,000 to 50,000 of your best customers based on maturity value, transaction value, total order size, or engagement.

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