What does Google Autofill say about Dutch people?





What does Google Autofill say about Dutch people?

Everyone plays with Google Autofill sometimes. No, not? Then you use it at least once a week. Google Autofill is the automatic addition to the search terms you have entered.

However, we are curious what we can all learn about Dutch people through Google. In short, what does Google Autofill tell us about Dutch people?

We start with the questions about Dutch people that you will encounter in every country. Of course, Google Autofill wonders why the Dutch are so tall?

The huffingtonpost answers that.  

Waarom zijn Nederlanders zo onbeschoft en lelijk?

That's what I always wonder...

Google France

Ehh.. something with chocolate letters? Crazy French. Baguette... Still, they like us and still love us!

Google Australia

Another weird thing... Australians think we're crazy and they think our toilets are weird? This Blog describes what is not wrong with our toilets. Here's how you learn something from Google Autofill.

Google Japan

The Dutch are apparently very handsome. Not only according to the Dutch Google, but also according to the Japanese Google. Turns out we have steep stairs? That's new to us, too. Why our stairs are made so can of course be found on wikipedia.

Google England

Why are we wearing those wooden shoes? Yes hello as if we still do, anyway the answer you find here: why Dutch people wear clogs. Also, we apparently sound American and start our names with 'van'.

Google Denmark

According to the Danes, our ovens are also very expensive... Maybe it has something to do with the blast furnaces?

Google Philippines

Just a little more exotic. The Philippines, what do they want to know about us; Dutch?

Why do we love oranges? Logical. But why do our judges, along with those in the UK, cite foreign laws? Uhh.. googling. There has been a scientific study on this, let's conclude with that.

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