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The trends in web development come and go. Last year, for example, we used chatbots more and more and we can follow the behaviour of the website visitor more and more. The developments are moving fast and that promises a lot for the coming year! In this blog you will find an overview of the emerging trends in web development.

One-page websites

One trend we're probably going to see a lot come along next year is the one-page website. Research shows that website visitors don't always feel like searching for information throughout a website. The new websites in 2019 will therefore focus on simplicity and speed. This results in one-page websites where the most important information can be found through infographics and videos.

Less text, more pictures

Building on this, the simplicity and speed will also be reflected in the look of the website. There will be less use of a lot of text and more focus on illustrations. These can be both photos, animations already drawings. This gets the most attention from the user and is therefore very important. So make sure you have a relevant eye catcher on your website.

Focus on mobile

We take this trend from the past year: the focus on mobile use. Website visitors via desktop are declining more and more and a mobile responsive website is more important than ever. Aren't you doing this? Then visitors click away faster. So make sure you have a website that works as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

More bright colors

When it doesn't suit you or the look of your business, you shouldn't go along with this trend. But in the future you will increasingly see websites with bright colors. The younger generation appeals to you with bright and clean colors that attract attention. By responding to this with a website, you can easily tie customers to you.

More video

Not only on social media but also in the world of web development, video is a trend. Videos are used as a background on landing page or as an explanation or support. It is one of the most effective forms of content and is therefore increasingly used. Tip: Use video to introduce visitors to the team or for an office peek.

Even faster load time

Finally, we come back to speed again. The website visitor in 2019 has little patience. To make a good first impression, a page load time should not exceed three seconds. So make sure you have a design that is not too heavy but also does not give in to quality. A challenge!

Do you have any questions about the trends for 2019? Then reassure them!

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