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Nowadays, you can reach the target audience live on almost any social media app. On youtube, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram it is possible to make a live video. Now you might think, "Nice, such a live video! But how exactly does this work?" In this blog we therefore tell how you can best use live video for your business. In addition, we give you some tips to make it a success!

Why a live video?

The live video is gaining popularity. As video becomes increasingly important and social media platforms prioritize it over images, that's not crazy. For example, you'll get a notification when someone starts an Instagram live video. Research also shows that a video lingers longer in people's memory than a text or image.

A live video makes the audience feel even more the need to watch, because the live video is exclusive. It creates a sense of commitment and therefore has even more value than a regular video.

Use live video for business

But how can you best use a live video for your brand? It is wise to think in advance what exactly you want to convey. So just recording something is not a good idea. Make sure you come up with a good concept in advance.

You can think of a live video in which you answer questions (announce this in advance on your channels to collect questions), an impression of an event or an announcement of a new product. You can be very creative about this and basically stream everything live.

Tips and tricks

To help you get started, we have some tips and tricks for you! These can be applied to youtube, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram live videos.

Announce your live video

Post a message on your social media channels a day in advance announcing a live video. This allows people to take some account of it and the chances of more viewers are higher.

Respond to incoming comments

During the live video it is possible for the viewers to respond to the video. Try to respond as much as possible to these comments and answer any questions. This creates more interaction and increases the likelihood that people will keep watching.

Come up with something to start with

The first few minutes there may not be that many viewers. This is not a bad thing at all and takes a while. It is therefore wise to come up with something to start with. This could be an introduction or an anecdote. You can also honestly tell viewers that you are still waiting for more viewers.

Do you have a tip on live videos? Share it in the comments!

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