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If you like shopping online, you can't help but get thrown to death with it. You can check out the new shoes you want to buy on your favourite webshop and then they continue to haunt you. Every time you open Facebook again, you're confronted with those shoes you want so badly. No matter how irritating we sometimes find these display ads, they often work. So display remarketing can be a good way to convert, but which strategies work best now and what will you have to look out for in your campaigns?

Create a step-by-step campaign

The first thing you need to know is that your consumers don't go right to the bargain, there's often some time in between. So think carefully about what kind of product you are selling, because consumers will need longer time to buy for more complex products

.So you would like to know how many days after contacting your website, have conversions taken place? If you want to gain more insight into this, you can look this up in analytics under:

Conversions > Multi-Channel > Funnel delay.

Here's an overview of how long it's going to take your customers to convert from the first contact. Handy, right? If this takes longer, your product will probably be more complex and you can set up a sequential display campaign.

The goal of such a campaign is to show your customers the right ads at the right time, helping them make their choice. For example, within the first seven days of first contact, you can promote your brand to them, and then show customer reviews after the first seven days. After thirteen days, you can make a sacrifice to give them the final push. By working in this way, you better guide your customers through the marketing funnel.

Research your remarketing audience

As with any ad campaign, it's very important to map your audience well. Not all visitors to your website are the same. This is important to keep in mind when you start your remarketing campaign. For example, someone who has been on the homepage is less valuable than someone who has viewed more pages. It's good to adapt your campaign to this. This way you can create different target groups, the following variables are important:

  • The number of times someone has been on your site.
  • The time someone spent on your site.
  • Visiting certain pages.
  • The actions someone took on your site.
  • Demographiccharacteristics.

By specifying your audiences in this way, you can spend your budget much better and your campaigns will become more effective. Fortunately, you can do this easily using Google Analytics:

Audience > Definitions >> Audience Seend Group Definitions

Please note that your audience needs to be at least 100 people to run a display remarketing campaign. After creating your audience, you can then add them to adwords. You just need to have a linked account for this.

Reuse your content!

Why not? You've been stuck in this for a long time and you can get more out of it this way. Remarketing your content, such as a blog that tracks your site is a good way to create trust. You're not selling intrusively in this way, but you give meaningful information. This strategy will therefore not directly increase conversions, but will pay off in the long run. People who read your content regularly are more likely to recommend you to others.

Focus your remarketing on existing customers.

There are several advantages to this. As always, it's easier to keep your customers than to get new ones. Existing customers provide more word of mouth and this is one of the most important factors in making choices about a purchase. In general, existing customers also spend more money on purchases than new customers.

But how can you do this? You can thank them with coupon codes for a free delivery or discount or provide them with more instructive content. You can also offer other services or products that they have not yet purchased. Do this only if these services can also have added value for them.

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