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Building an email list is important for any business. An email lets you communicate and build a relationship with your readers or potential customers. Sometimes the value of this is sometimes underestimated. However, an email list can be the key to success for a company. It's just quite hard to build this list. In this article we therefore share our tips regarding growing an email list.

A valuable tender

When's the last time you signed up for a newsletter? That's right. Three years ago. This is not the way to get someone's email address. It is the art to offer something such as an e-book, quiz or video. This can then be obtained by e-mail. In this way, people are more likely to enter their email address and you can also offer them a nice quid pro quo. In addition, the people who do this are also the right target group, because they are interested in your product.

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Separate landing page

Create a separate landing page for the above registration option. It is important to create a new landing page because people do not have a distraction from a sidebar or social media buttons. They can only do two things and that is to register for the email list or leave the page. This landing page is often displayed in the form of a pop-up.

Be clear

Tell me clearly what to expect when they sign up. Name what exactly they get sent, what they're wearing here and how it's going to help them. If you stay too vague about this, people will not see the added value of it and they will not register.

Original sign-in button

Make up an original an attractive sign-in button. So don't write about 'subscribe' or 'download' but 'I don't want to miss this' or 'I sign up!'. In addition, it is also good to make it as specific as possible: 'I want to read this e-book'. People should be tempted to click on the sign-in button.

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Multiple registration options

Creating multiple registration options may sound intrusive, but often people don't even know this. Create multiple options for registration on the website. For example, you can put it at the bottom of a blog post, have a pop-up appear or put a sign-in button in the sidebar. So there are more opportunities for people to register.

Lots of visitors

Finally, it is important that you get a lot of visitors. Without visitors, no registrations. For example, you can promote a blog post that is already doing well by sharing it on all social media channels. Chances are that others will also find this blog interesting and click on your website.

It is advisable to collect all email addresses in a program such as Mailchimp or LaPosta. This allows you to automate the email list and send mailings to everyone at once. Of course, it is also the art to send qualitative and strong e-mails when you have a large number of email addresses. This way you can reach many potential customers at once.

Are you already working on an email list?

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