The 6 tips to increase conversion





To increase conversion, there are number of things necessary. You have to get traffic, leads and clicks. Of course you have to measure this, but to take care of this can be difficult. So if you want to increase your conversion, read our blog. We have collected the 6 best tips to increase your conversion.

The 6 Tips To Increase Conversion

1. Clear website

Conversion is actually very simple. Make it as simple as possible. The easier it is to click on something, order something, or go to the next page: the faster people make this action. So ask yourself; Would I click on this? Would I order this? Or would I perform this act?

2. Simple process

This conversion tip is similar to conversion tip number 1: Make sure at a webshop that it is clear how to order and what the ordering process is. Make the process of creating an account as simple as possible. So don't ask for too much unnecessary information. And make sure there are as many steps as possible in the ordering process: with each step a buyer can change his mind. Also specify how many steps need to be taken and what step you are in.

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3. Clear contact information

Despite your very clear website, website visitors can still have questions. Make sure your contact information is clearly visible and make it easy for people to contact you. A good tip for this is to use a contact form. Do you have a Wordpress site? Then install Contact Form 7 and install it on the contact page.

4. Rise above the competition

It's always important to keep an eye on your competitors. Make sure you know what they're offering and how they're doing it. Do you see a mistake or something that could be better? Then play this and get started on your own website. If your content is unique, visitors are more likely to visit your website than the competitor's website.

5. Stay connected

It's important to stay in touch with your customers, even after conversion. When people have ordered something, it's best to keep in touch via email. Especially with questions it is wise to answer quickly, people can feel ''used', that the site is only about bringing in the customer and not for holding the customer. This is one of the most forgotten conversion tips. This also includes good customer service and a clear return process. Also make sure that the delivery time is clear, so the customer knows where he/she is.

6. Social Media is important

Who doesn't know this yet? It is very important to deal with social media expertly. It's not enough to just have an account, the accounts need to be used properly and tailored to each other. What information is shared? And how do we deal with posts that weren't so suitable?

conversion tips

Bonus tip 7: SEO!

Get a good SEO from your website. Most customers can be brought in through the search engines.

With these simple tips you can increase your conversion! If you don't get out of it yet, we can always help you.

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