What does Google Posts do for your local ranking?





Many people will make few calls when you ask them if they know Google Posts. This feature within Google My Business may be a good way to improve the local findability of your business! Within this blog we will therefore explain what it is, how it works and what the added value of this feature is!

In our previous blog on local discoverability, we have already given three tips that are easy to implement. In this blog we will look at a new possibility: Google Posts!

We've already told you that it's important to create a Google my business page. If you have these, you can stimulate the reviews you receive and use citations to increase your online findability.

Haven't used our previous tips yet? Read our blog back here first!

What is it and how does it work?

Have you already signed your business on Google my business? Then we have good news for you! With the help of Google posts, you can further improve your local online findability!

But what is Google posts? Google posts is a feature within Google My business that allows you to publish content directly in search results. This feature can be found in the left column within your Google My Business environment. You can start by clicking Posts as seen below.

You can then create a message with different images and call-to-actions. If you're happy with what the post will look like, you can publish it. What makes Google posts special is that the content is directly covered by your company data in search results.

This way, you can easily add additional information that is relevant to your business. However, the posts will expire after 7 days.

Does Google Posts yield enough?

But does Google Posts really help improve your (local) findability? The answer is yes!

A recent case study by Joy Hawkins has shown that Google Posts does contribute to ranking on the keywords that are relevant to you. However, it concluded that the impact is unlikely to be the same in different scenarios. In her case, research had been done within industries where there was little competition, where there is more competition, the impact is likely to be less.

However, the rankings did hold after posts had stopped. This means that All in all, Google Posts is a fairly easy way to improve your local findability.

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