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One of the components of online marketing that we deal with is Google Ads. Google Ads formerly Google Adwords is part of Google and is a tool that allows you to advertise in the Google search engines and on websites that use Google Adsense. The ads are based on keywords and can therefore be very effective. In this blog we will tell you more about improving Google Ads performance and give us some tips!

Improve Google Ads quality score

Google Ads is a big and important part of Google, as much as 97 of Google's revenue comes from these ads. As a company it is very interesting to advertise through Google, virtually every internet visitor does use the search engine. The network has 6 billion impressions per day. But how can you best use Google Ads for your business? With the tips below, we'll help you on your way.

Use the right search method

There are several ways you can find suitable keywords for your campaign. For example, it is possible to search broadly, search in a sense or search precisely through keywords. You may already guess, but when you start looking broadly, you're more likely to reach people who aren't interested in your brand. If you search exactly, you are more likely to reach too few people. So try to find a balance in this and see what works for your company. It is important to be as specific as possible, therefore also use long-tail keywords.

From Google Adwords to Google Ads

Google AdWords becomes Google Ads

Also use negative keywords

In Google Ads, you also have the ability to use negative keywords, also called negative keywords. This allows you to determine which words you don't want to be found on. For example, when you sell pens but don't want people looking for fountain pens to appear on your website. You can then exclude the keyword 'fountain pens'.

Look at the competitor

Call it cheating, but it can be very helpful to see what the competitor does. Ask yourself what the customer will do and why he would click on your link rather than that of the competitor. Then apply this in the campaigns. This tip applies in principle not only to Google Ads but also to comparing the websites, texts and social media channels.

Link to the right page

When you see ads in Google, you'll often find ads that link to the homepage. This is often not at all effective because people are looking for a specific product. Therefore, link to the correct page that is relevant to the keywords. For example, when you use the keywords "green sneakers," you post a link that actually leads to those shoes.

Cost per action

Finally, it is wise to determine a <em>cost per action.</em> This makes it easier to steer the campaign. After all, knowing the value of an ad, it's easier to optimize it. This not only applies to conversions that yield money, but is also useful for completed contact forms or downloads.

Tip: as a novice customer, you often get €75 credit that allows you to set up a first ad. So look for this before you start!

Do you want to improve the quality score of your Google Ads or do you have questions? Then reassure them! We'd be happy to help you.

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