5 04, 2020

6 ways to deploy video on a small budget

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One of the most important trends of 2018 is video. With video you attract attention, you get better remembered and you get a lot of interaction. Now video is quite a broad concept. For example, you have videos on Youtube, in media campaigns or small videos on Instagram. Making a good video can cost [...]

5 04, 2020

How can you use marketing automation?

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Marketing automation, what is it and how do you use it as a company? With marketing automation, you use automated systems to generate more conversion. This is often done via email by sending certain information at the right time. But how do you use marketing automation effectively for your business? In this blog we [...]

5 04, 2020

Get more from Google Analytics: 5 tips

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When you have a website, you're most likely using Google Analytics. This allows you to easily see how many visitors come to your website and how they behave. However, many entrepreneurs do not make the most of all analytics capabilities. Even for experienced users, Analytics sometimes still has secrets. In this blog we tell [...]

5 04, 2020

These are the emerging trends in web development

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The trends in web development come and go. Last year, for example, we used chatbots more and more and we can follow the behavior of the website visitor more and more. The developments are moving fast and that promises a lot for the coming year! In this blog you will find an overview of [...]

5 04, 2020

Need help with your online marketing? This is our way of working!

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Does your company deserve more attention online but don't have time to invest in it? Then we can help you. You don't just come up with an online marketing strategy and require the necessary attention. For example, a strategy consists of different forms such as SEO and SEA but also social media. To give [...]

5 04, 2020

The 5 most striking online marketing trends for 2019

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The developments in the field of online marketing follow each other at lightning speed. We like, swipe, share, buy. An evening zapping in front of the TV? Less and less. In 2019 we will watch more online video than TV worldwide. What does this mean for you as a marketer? And what other trends await us? We [...]

17 05, 2019

What is conversion optimization and how do you apply conversion optimization?

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What good is a beautiful website that cannot be found? And what good is a website that is found, but where no one contacts, orders or downloads something? Nothing at all. We have written a lot about SEO blogs, for example check this blog about ranking factors for 2019. Now it is time for that [...]

22 03, 2019

What is purpose marketing and how do you apply purpose marketing?

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Consumers are getting smarter. In the past, as a store you could still get away with great products or good prices, nowadays branding is increasingly important. Without a strong brand, the consumer can see through you. A trend that goes with this is purpose marketing. But what is purpose marketing and how can you do purpose marketing yourself? We [...]

19 03, 2019

What is Growth Hacking and how do you use it?

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Growth Hacking is a term that you may have heard more often, but what exactly is a Growth Hacker? The word 'hacker' is striking, but does it really mean it? And why should you really use this as a company? We will tell you in this blog. What is Growth [...]

8 03, 2019

The Instagram and Facebook trends for the rest of 2019

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It's the end of March and that means Q1 of 2019 is coming to an end. The first quarter of 2019 will be over by then. A lot has happened in the marketing world, especially on the largest platforms Instagram and Facebook. Time to refresh your knowledge and get on the [...]