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You can send people an email directly, but it's much more powerful when you combine it with Facebook. By more powerful we mean: a more valuable database and ultimately more customers. How exactly does this work? We're going to explain that to you.

Why would you want this?

More customers is the end goal, there are still some interim goals you achieve. For example, think of the name recognition you achieve when you have an e-book that really adds value. You position yourself as an expert in your field when you offer valuable content. On the other hand, an e-book opt-in is the way to collect email addresses. As we're going to explain, people are writing in through the Facebook ad to receive the e-book, and then you can add it to your database. Now, for example, you can send targeted emails to build a bond and eventually get more sales.

Tips for creating an e-book

Before we give you a roadmap, we'd like to give you some tips on an e-book. This is the core of this campaign. You can still have such an ideal audience and set up the campaign perfectly, if the content of your e-book is not valuable, it makes little sense; you only damage your reputation if you deliver something of poor quality. So, here are some basic tips:

  • Think carefully in advance what the purpose of this e-book is. For example, is it a collection of blog posts about a particular theme, which together form a complete guide? Or is it a blueprint that consists of new information? What value do you actually add with the e-book, what problem do you solve? There's no point in a random collection of content.
  • Get a clear e-book with page numbers and a table of contents.
  • Let your corporate identity come back in, for example, the colors, the layout of the pages and the fonts.
  • Leave enough space on the sides in case the downloader wants to print it. Rarely occurs, but it is annoying when all kinds of elements of the page fall off.
  • Keep the target audience in mind at all times. Even though it's your e-book and it's about your content, the e-book is intended for a particular audience and it's important that you actually make it for them. Reconnect to the first tip.
  • If it's in your budget, hire a copywriter for your texts & designer to shape your e-book.


  1. Set up a traffic or conversion campaign: the very first step is to set up a campaign where you target the right target audience. Take our e-book about Facebook advertising, for example. With this we want to reach entrepreneurs who are interested in online advertising. This is the target audience. The goal is to get them to download the e-book so that their email addresses can be used for other campaigns. A conversion campaign allows you to measure whether they downloaded the e-book or not. You can read more about the basics of Facebook advertising in this blog post. This creates two different audiences: people who have downloaded your e-book & people who haven't downloaded it yet.
  2. Set up retargeting for the cutters: people who haven't downloaded your e-book have been inhibited by anything. Maybe they only need a little nudge, and they can do that through a retargeting campaign, showing you an ad from the e-book. The best timing is a few days to a week after they have viewed the download page for the e-book (but did not download it). Exactly how retargeting works, you can read that in  our earlier blog post about the Facebook retargeting roadmap.
  3. Offer Upsell for the downloaders: When you've bought something, you don't want to get ads from it again. After all, you already have it. That's how it works with e-book downloaders; exclude those who have already downloaded your e-book. They have already expressed interest in your e-book and that works to your advantage. You can now offer them upsell to paid services. In other words, you can now show them ads for, for example, a well-run service that you offer or a product.
  4. Email to the downloaders: hopefully you have now been able to convince some takeaways and the group has grown with downloaders. Next step: send targeted emails. People downloaded your e-book for a reason. They have a problem they like to see solved or have questions. Solve those issues or answer those questions in your emails. At the same time, of course, it's an excellent opportunity to send emails offering your products or services!

Further tips & slot

As with all facets of marketing, it's all about trial and error: testing, testing, and testing again. What do people think of your e-book? What ways of follow-ups and retargeting do work, which ones don't? Is it maybe time for new ads or a second e-book? Above all, be open to improvements, because ultimately your customer list will only do well!

If you need help with retargeting or your e-book itself, please send us a message  & we will see what we can do for you.

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