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The trend video content as a form of content creation has been going on for a long time and almost impossible to imagine from the online landscape! Several online marketing channels, including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, are flooded with them. This isn't that crazy too; a video says more than a thousand words and people love it! The reason for this is not so difficult to imagine: by nature, people are visually minded. We'd rather watch than read. For a company it is therefore very important to respond to this trend and to get started with it. In this article, we look at the benefits of creating video content. We will also give 5 tips that should be considered when creating successful video content.

''Did you know that ... more than 1 million minutes of video over the global IP networks every second in 2021?''

Why it's important to include video content in your marketing strategy

The great advantage of a video is that it can incorporate a lot of content into it in a simple way. As a result, your audience will receive a significant amount of information in a short period of time that is relevant to them at that time. Very beneficial to announce a new product/service!

In addition, this moving creation also ensures that the message is well remembered by the recipient.

''Did you know that ... people spend an average of 1.5 hours a day watching video with outliers to 3 hours?''

By offering video content from now on, a large audience will be reached. Your viewers are not all the same; one person prefers to watch videos and the other person has more of a preference for reading. By responding to this and by varying in the form in which you present your content to your viewers, a larger audience can be addressed.

In addition, watching videos stimulates more senses than reading text fragments. This means that with the help of video it is more possible to evoke more and deeper emotions. The great thing about this is that emotions sell better! Moreover, conceived emotions also provide more compassion and commitment to the brand/company.

''Did you know that ... the average internet user stays 88 longer on a website with video?''

Five tips to make your video content successful

  1. Focus on the personas

To make your video content successful, it is important that you first make it clear to yourself who your target audience(s) are. Next, it's important that you make your audience lively and more specific. This can be done on the basis of (buyer) personas. If you are not yet familiar with this concept, a persona is ''a detailed, semi-fictional profile of a buying or converting character'. By getting into the skin of your favorite customer, you can describe this fictional character in terms of behavior, appearance and his/her goals.

Now that this is clear, content can be created! It's good to keep in mind that your personas are leading. This means that this character is the starting point for both the creation and distribution of the content. By creating deliberately targeted content for specific users, your messages reach the right people who are also relevant to them.

  1. Consistency

It's important to execute consistency in your videos, so that recognition is created with your audience. In addition, consistency in your videos creates authority and trust around your brand/company.

Dr. Donna "Day in and day out."
  1. Daring to play with creativity

Daring to play with creativity, of course within the framework of the target group needs and strategy, can also contribute the necessary to the success of the video. However, there is a chance that things could go completely wrong and that the video won't catch on with your audience. While this is not a favorable outcome, it may also be possible that with your new out-of-the-box video you exceed all expectations and reach the target audience better than ever before. and all by just doing it and trying it out. The outcome is always uncertain, but whoever doesn't try will never know!

''Did you know that ... 83 of the people who like a video would also like to share this video?''
  1. Permanently

Creating a video takes a lot of time, effort and/or money. So don't remove this content at all! Even though it's been some time since you posted this video on a channel. Instead, distribute and optimize the videos where necessary so that it stays up-to-date and relevant.

  1. Analysis

In order to analyze whether you have achieved your goals of the created video content, all of this content must be made measurable. Using your performance plan, you can eventually see how each video performed. In addition, it is also clear where adjustments need to be made if necessary in order to improve videos in the future. Ultimately, the goal is to make your content even more tailored for your personas.

''Did you know that ... 81 of all companies use video?''

So video content offers many advantages for an online marketer. A video can be easily used to transmit (a lot) of information, because video is better remembered. In addition, video gives you a larger audience and makes for more commitment to the brand/company. At least there are plenty of reasons to start creating video content. When creating the content, always try to focus on your personas, stay consistent in terms of style, form and making the content available online, ensure a healthy dose of creativity, keep the videos evergreen and make them above all measurable. Thousands of online entrepreneurs have already gone before you; very much time you integrate it into your marketing mix to keep up with the competition!

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