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Are you instafamous yet? Instagram is now the platform with which you can grow your business. By gathering a large number of followers, you increase the reach of your message and brand. To make your company Instafamous, we have drawn up a checklist. Are you ticking them off?

1. An open account

You're probably already familiar with this, but we still come across company profiles that have shielded their profile. As a result, people are less likely to follow you because they can't get an impression of your brand. So make sure you have an open account.

In addition, it is good to set up your account as a company profile. This gives you insight into statistics about your posts and you can see how many people have seen and saved the posts. You can also see how many people watched your profile that week and how they got there.

2. Place one photo at least every week

To become Instafamous, it is important to post regularly. This way, your followers stay interested and you can attract new followers. Please also include placing the messages at suitable times. In the statistics, you can see where your posts do best. Respond to this!

food and spotlights

3. Add hashtags (#) and a location

To get new followers, it's best to add hashtags to any new post. Make sure they're relevant to your post. For example, when you post a new product, you can choose hashtags like #newproduct, #newproductalert, or #newproductlaunch. People who are interested in these hashtags will then end up with your product. In addition, you can also add a location. This works in the same way and lets people find your photo through the location where the photo was taken.

Gif saying "Use the hashtag."

4. Come up with an original caption: use humor!

A year ago, you got away with a single line like caption. Nowadays, Instagram is a platform where people want to be inspired and amused by more than just a photo. The caption is therefore very important. Write relevant text and use humor. That always works!

5. Make sure all your photos fit together

When people end up on your profile, they'll be the first to see your feed. This is the overview of all your posts. Therefore, make sure that this one is whole and the pictures fit together well. People tend to follow you more quickly. For example, always use the same filter or editing tools.


6. Like and follow other accounts

Growing up on Instagram doesn't happen by itself. You also need to be active on the platform and show your face. By following other accounts and responding to posts, you'll interact with others and your account is more likely to be noticed.

Gif of guy liking something on his phone

7. Post your photo outside working hours for most likes and views

Instagram is currently very popular and new posts are constantly being uploaded. Instagram's algorithm prioritizes posts that interact a lot. Therefore, make sure you post at times that are least popular. This makes your posts less likely to be drowned out. These times are often in the morning between 08:00 and 09:00 or in the evening after 23:00.

8. Be yourself in the pictures you post!

At the end of the day, it's especially important that you enjoy your posts and stay authentic! No one's going to believe in you if you don't feel like it or pretend to be any different than you are. Therefore, be yourself and show this in the posts on your account.

Will you let us know if you're Instafamous?!

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