Growth Hacking 2 : What is Hotjar and what do you use it for?





Previously, we explained in our blog what Growth Hacking is and how you can use it for your company. In that blog we shared our first tip regarding Growth Hacking, namely: Google Analytics; Custom Alerts.   Now it's time for a new tip! Are you already familiar with analysis tools? In this blog we cover Hotjar.

What is Hotjar?

You have statistical tools and analytics tools, Google Analytics is a statistical tool and Hotjar is an analysis tool. What exactly is the difference? The Google Analytics statistical tool specifically measures page-to-page visits while analytics tool Hotjar records the entire visit, including scrolling and mouse movements. With Google Analytics you can see which pages are visited, but with Hotjar you can also see what the user does on these pages. See an example below.

Why Hotjar?

As a company, of course, you would like to know what the visitors of your website do and prefer what they think. It would be ideal if you could look into what he's all up in the visitor's head before converting. Unfortunately, this is not possible, but there is an incredibly useful alternative: Hotjar! Hotjar provides insight into the customer journey. Ideal for websites where the end of the journey, the conversion,is most relevant. These don't have to be direct purchases. A conversion is a goal achieved, so this can also be a sign-up to the newsletter, for example.

Understanding users' behavior

"What pages do your visitors go to?"

"What are they clicking on?"

"When and where do they leave the website?"

"What do they want more information about?"

"What do they like and what they don't?."

In Hotjar, you can literally see if potential customers are stuck with the right information and whether they see call-to-actions or ignore it. To analyse all this data properly, Hotjar creates so-called 'heatmaps'. A heatmap shows how many users are doing certain actions and where they are on the page.

  • Click heatmap

The word says it all, with the click heatmap you can see what people click on when they are on your page. It's the trick to find out what you can do with this information and we're happy to help you on your way! If you see people skipping a button or just clicking on a non-clickable image, you can take action on it. For example, you can place a link behind the image and/or customize the location of your button.

  • Move heatmap

To properly analyze what the user is doing on your website, it's also smart to look at where the mouse is located. The mouse tells you what the user's eyes are on, you can see the mouse as a finger that reads along the screen. The move heatmap shows where the mouse is located.

  • Scroll heatmap

With the scroll heatmap you can see where most visitors scroll and if they scroll at all. A common mistake is that people, for example, place a call-to-action at the bottom of the page. This is not convenient because many visitors don't scroll that far through.

  • Recordings

A user recording is a website visit by a real user on your website in video format. In these videos, we see how visitors click, move, type, and navigate. Earlier in the blog we shared as an example a user recording of Boss & Boss.

  • Conversion funnels

In addition to heatmaps, Hotjar also offers Conversion Funnels. A conversion funnel is the process that ultimately should lead to a conversion. In conversion funnels you can easily define such funnels within the website. This way you can map which step in the funnel the visitors drop out. Useful!

  • Forms

Form analysis is the reporting feature to optimize the fields of each form. You can see exactly what users fill out in the form and analyze it. How exactly do you do that? Very simple! Add the form by filling in the URL on which it can be found. If there are multiple forms on the page you will have the opportunity to choose the correct form.

Curious about tip number 3? Keep an eye on our website and socials for a new update! Or do you have questions about Hotjar or other Growth Hacking related matters? We are happy to help you!

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