Project Description

Noubased is a webshop with a focus on selling nursing clothing designed for babies. These nursing clothes are both functional and stylish. The goal is to make as many women as possible feel comfortable and confident when they breastfeed their baby (in public).


Noubased needed a bilingual website. In addition, the website was not yet very high in the search results of the search engines, so that fewer visitors than desired came to the website. With the help of a completely new website we can solve this problem!


Baas & Baas has developed a new website where peace and comfort are paramount. The design is minimalist yet practical, making it easy to use the webshop. In addition, we have optimized the website on-page SEO, which has placed the website a lot higher in the search results of the search engines. This has also ensured that the number of website visits has increased significantly! 


Baas & Baas has been working with Noubased for several months, this collaboration has yielded some very good results. Above you can see a short sneak peek of the website. Do you want to view the entire website? Which can here.

Summary of the benefits of web development

  • Optimized for the search engine
  • New and fresh website
  • Reach potential target group better
  • More sales, customers and online success for your company
  • Website is optimized for all screens
  • Websites are created quickly and securely
  • Maintenance of websites is also possible