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Do you want to learn how to use Instagram effectively as a marketing tool? Read our E-book and you will be the Boss at Insta!

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Free Ebook Instagram Marketing

Free Ebook Instagram Marketing

  • How can you use Instagram Marketing effectively?
  • How do you set up Instagram campaigns?
  • How do you use the Facebook pixel?
  • Why applying retargeting via Instagram is important.
  • How to reach your target audience with Insta marketing.
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    How does advertising on Instagram work?2019-01-31T12: 57: 15 + 01: 00

    Instagram is increasing in popularity. It has become part of Facebook and you advertise on the platform via Facebook. The campaigns are easy to manage via Facebook. Via Instagram itself it is still not possible to post something via the desktop, browser or laptop. You can view your account, likes, followers and other accounts via the browser. Just putting a post online is not enough when advertising on Instagram. It is especially important to find the right mix between the advertisement, target group, timing, atmosphere and engagement. By actively looking for the right hashtags and the right users, your ad can become a conversion blast for your product or brand. It sometimes yields more than 5000 followers in a month.

    How does setting up an Instagram campaign work?2019-01-31T12: 57: 52 + 01: 00

    Design, set up and set up campaigns

    Do you want more brand awareness, more website visitors or more followers for your company? We ensure a successful Instagram strategy and campaigns with a maximum return. Instagram is a perfect medium for approaching the target group in a very targeted way through the demographic and geographical data available via Facebook.

    How does maintaining an Instagram campaign work?2019-01-31T12: 58: 29 + 01: 00

    Campaign management

    Once your campaign is running, it's important to keep following it. How effective is the campaign? How do you spend your budget during the day? And how does the target audience respond to the advertisements? With daily to weekly campaign management, all campaigns remain up to date. Management of Instagram campaigns can be canceled monthly.

    Who can I reach with an Instagram campaign?2019-01-31T12: 58: 56 + 01: 00

    The most popular of an Instagram campaign is liking a post, but the click range and the conversion are increasing. There are mainly women on Instagram. In addition, the educational level of Instagram is very high. More than half of the Instagram users have an education level of HBO or higher.

    When can I best use an Instagram campaign?2019-01-31T12: 59: 13 + 01: 00

    The timing of an Instagram campaign is very essential. It is important to post at the right time. There are namely peaks reflected in the use of Instagram. Many people try to launch their ad on Instagram in the evening because the range is the largest between 20:00 and 21:00. People are then done working and sitting on the couch. In between watching TV or meeting people, users scroll through their Instagram feed.

    How to advertise on Instagram?2019-01-31T12: 59: 30 + 01: 00

    You can advertise on Instagram by creating a sponsored post on Facebook. So you must first have a Facebook profile with a company account before you can advertise on Instagram. By linking the Facebook account to an Instagram account, you can also create advertisements for Instagram via Facebook.

    What campaign works best on Instagram?2019-01-31T12: 59: 46 + 01: 00

    Instagram is mainly intended for beautiful atmospheric photos instead of serious news reports, etc. It is therefore best to use stylistic images. In addition, people find advertising on Instagram a bit uncomfortable. On Facebook, people are already much more used to the sponsored ads that appear between their news feed. The first campaigns on Instagram therefore suffered heavily from the users. The Instagrammers are now used to it and the campaigns work properly.

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