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ValueBlue is a company that helps organizations simplify IT landscapes within organizations. ValueBlue’s Bluedolphin tool is the SaaS tool for enterprise architecture and business process modelling. In the meantime, we take care of valueblue’s SEO for a year, successfully. Recently, a German Valueblue site and English-language site have been added. Which means we also apply international SEO for ValueBlue.


ValueBlue wants to create better (international) discoverability and a higher position in Google.


Baas & Baas has developed an SEO strategy for ValueBlue, giving on-page advice and supporting the online marketing issues where necessary. For ValueBlue, we have mainly been working on improving organic search results and successfully! By mapping the most important keywords for ValueBlue, Baas & Baas has been able to use tailor-made link building for important landing pages. As a result, Google’s findability of the Dutch website has improved significantly on important conversion keywords. The results are to our liking, but above all important, also to the customer’s wishes.


  • (on-page) SEO optimization
  • Link building
  • International SEO

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