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Next Level Switzerland

Next Level Switzerland is a beauty salon from Zurich, Switzerland. Next Level uses narrowcasting and is an exclusive salon with various treatments. The salon is constantly looking for international trends, new styles, stunning colors, and fashion. Next Level creates what suits you, enhances your natural beauty, makes you unique and puts a smile on your face. Their mission is: “Next Level returning clients are happy clients, that's all it takes”.


This new exclusive hair & beauty salon needs a unique website in which the feeling of an exclusive salon is conveyed to the website visitor.


Baas & Baas launched a new unique website for Next Level Switzerland. We want to convey the luxurious feeling to the website visitor and show the latest trends. In addition to web development, we also provided the SEA campaign on Google Ads for Next Level. For example, brand awareness has increased, the right target group has been reached and Next Level has put itself on the map in Switzerland. This goal has been successfully accomplished and the customer is very satisfied with the look of the website.


  • WordPress web development
  • SEO optimization
  • SEA campaign on Google Ads

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