Project Description

My Brand is a high-end clothing brand that was founded in Amsterdam in 2009. They stand for exclusivity, quality and luxury, this is also reflected in the extensive collections. My Brand clothing can be recognized by their playful and daring appearance.


My Brand wanted to increase sales by making the most of online marketing. In general, it took a lot of time to regularly process new collections in the advertisements and to continuously optimize the campaigns. In addition, it is difficult to target the right target group. Baas & Baas was called in for this.


With the help of Facebook campaigns we were able to ensure that many new purchases were made. Within these campaigns we mainly focused on targeting the right target group based on the See, Think & Do strategy. It is possible to reach the right target group at the right time and there is a good chance that the conversions will be achieved faster. 

We also regularly tested the use of different texts, images and videos to see which ones perform best with the target group. A / B testing was used for this.  


Baas & Baas has been working with My Brand for a number of months, this collaboration has yielded some very good results.

With the help of the different campaigns we have more than 250 can complete additional purchases.

Range & CTR
Within this short period there are almost 800.000 reached people. Here is an average CTR (Click Through Rate) of this 1,31% achieved.

With an average CPC (Cost per Click) of € 0.18 and a CPM (Cost per 1000 views) of €2,41 advertising on Facebook is a very cheap variant. In addition, it is possible to easily reach an accurate target group.

Summary of the benefits of Facebook marketing

  • More visitors to the website
  • Generate more leads or sales
  • Reach potential target audience
  • Inexpensive way to advertise
  • Results-oriented campaigns
  • More sales, customers and online success for your company