Project Description


Web development


C2B is a digital content agency specialized in creating and distributing creative content. C2B offers various services such as creating and devising campaigns, managing social media and developing video formats. It is a real gathering place for creatives.


Baas & Baas has been asked to develop a new website for C2B. Good findability in the organic search results is also important.


Baas & Baas played an important role in developing the website for C2B. The purpose of this website is to showcase the creativity of C2B. By posting much of the content produced by C2B, this clearly shows what they stand for and what they all offer. Despite the many video material on the website, the website speed is still high. By means of on-page SEO optimization of the website, Baas & Baas has improved the findability of the website in the organic search results. The collaboration has been experienced as very successful. The customer is very satisfied with the new look of the website.


  • WordPress web development
  • SEO optimization

You can view the result on

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