We believe that a beautiful website is worth nothing without visitors and
that visitors are worth nothing without a website that converts.

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Do you recognize this as a real estate broker?

  • It is difficult to keep track of the offer on the website
  • The news section is not updating properly
  • Social media is hardly kept up to date
  • There is little interaction with the website visitors
  • There is little interaction on social media
  • It is difficult to attract new customers via the internet
  • It is difficult to attract new home sellers via the internet
  • There is no automatic link between the CRM, Funda, website and social media

your success!

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River Makelaardij BV has built an excellent reputation with eighteen years of experience as a real estate agent in Amsterdam's Rivierenbuurt and region.

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Develop high-quality, sustainable and intelligent real estate solutions and thereby add quality and liveability to the city.

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Real estate marketing method

We believe that the online success of a real estate party stands or falls with the consistent daily monitoring and improvement of the results.

To this end, we have set up a well-developed, clear organization with extensive internal training and strict procedures.

As a result, we can practically guarantee that our campaigns will perform better month-on-month and we can show you impressive reports.

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More visitors to the website

More interaction on Funda

More leads via the website, social media and Marktplaats

Results-oriented campaigns; targeting homeowners

Facebook / Google Ads campaigns targeting location and zip code

More turnover, customers and online success for your real estate company.

Real estate marketing Want to become a boss?

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Real estate offer

The real estate offer is automatically posted from the CRM on the website and on social media. This saves you as a broker or real estate entrepreneur a lot of time and effort.

Makelaar social media

Easy to find

Every real estate website we make is optimized for Google. As a broker you therefore always receive relevant visitors to the website.

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Social Media

Using social media in the real estate industry is very effective. The real estate offer is nicely presented on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Website onderhoud makelaars

Specific targeting

Target on zip codes, members of associations or people interested in Funda. This way you can be sure that you are reaching the right target group.

Free REAL ESTATE Marketing Scan

All you have to do is leave your website and your email. You will receive a report containing: 

  1. Practical tips to improve your real estate website
  2. Social media tips in the real estate industry
  3. Simple website adjustments to make it easier to find
  4. Tip about Facebook Pixel
  5. SEO and SEA tips

Compare your website with the three top competitors in the real estate industry! (It is completely without obligation)

    Real estate website design

    With our expertise from communication and real estate marketing, we are the solution for your real estate agency. We are happy to guide you in developing a website by means of the following steps:

    1. Brainstorm and corporate identity.

    In this phase we determine the content of the website together with you. Think of the purpose of the site, the target group, a marketing plan, personas and corporate identity.

    No logo or corporate identity yet? We have brand / logo designers for every budget.

    2. Design & Realization.

    We package your digital identity in a beautiful, intelligent and responsive design. Thanks to our extensive WordPress experience, we can create sites quickly and therefore cheaply.

    A feedback round will then follow. We will process this feedback until you are satisfied!

    3. Now visitors!

    A beautiful website is worth nothing without visitors. With our online marketing techniques, we ensure that the first visitors arrive on your site through multiple channels.

    Your website is optimized for Google by default. But also Facebook, Adwords, link building and other social media are considered.



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