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You see more and more that companies start blogging on their own website. In addition to selling their services or products, there is a heading with "blog" or "news" where blog articles are posted related to the business. But why are they actually doing this? Shouldn't you leave blogging to the real 'bloggers'? In this article we explain why blogging is a good idea for your company and how you can best do it.

Why blog?

The goal of blogging on your website is ultimately to become easier to find in the search engines. This only happens when the blogs are of good quality and meet the requirements of the search engine. If this is not the case, it can actually have a negative influence on the findability. So read carefully before you start blogging or outsource it to a company that specializes in this.

A perfect blog

But what exactly should such a blog meet? The rules of the search engines are constantly changing so it is wise to keep following the developments. At the moment there are a number of tactics you can apply, which may be different again next year. To get you started, below are five tactics you can use right now to write the perfect blog:

Keyword research

First of all, do a keyword research. See which keywords are being searched for and which ones you want to be found on. Then come up with a number of interesting blog topics and process the keywords in the different blogs.


When you are going to write the blog, it is important that it is of high quality. The search engine knows exactly when you are just writing for keyword implementation. So write qualitative content that really benefits the reader. This also gives value to your website. When visitors read your blogs, they will see you as an expert and are more likely to buy a service or product.

Good blogs will also be shared more often, which in turn creates more backlinks. A backlink is a reference from another website to your site. The more backlinks, the higher your website will appear in the search results.


While writing, provide catchy headlines that include keywords. Search engines mainly look at the title and headings of your blog. It is therefore important to place relevant keywords in this. Do not compromise on quality and make the headlines attractive. This makes it more pleasant for the visitor to your website to read and he or she will click away less quickly.

Internal links

To make the blog even easier to find, you can add internal links in the text. This means that you place a link in the text to a previous blog on your website. The page you link to will gain more value and will easier to find to become.

Image with alt tags

Finally, don't forget to add attractive images. These are more important than you think. You can add an alt tag to the image, in which you again mention a keyword. Search engines do not only look at the text, but also at the images. By adding a so-called tag to the image, the findability of the blog is increased.

Are you already blogging for your company or are you planning to do so? Let us know!

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