We are always developing ourselves in the field of Facebook Advertising. For example, we have recently been working on Patrick wind's Ads Accelerator course. If you have never heard of Patrick Wind, Patrick is the master of Facebook Advertising. We'll give you a quick sneak peek of everything we've learned.

What is the Facebook Ads Accelerator course? 

The Facebook Ads Accelerator course consists of different learnings that are shared by Patrick. He explains, for example, how you can best reach your target group, how you can adapt advertisements to your target group and of course, most importantly, how you can achieve more sales. This is all based on a unique 'full-funnel strategy'. This funnel consists of:

  • Prospecting campaigns
  • Cold retargeting campaigns
  • Warm retargeting campaigns
  • Hot retargeting campaigns

In the prospecting phase, achieving more brand awareness is central. This mainly focuses on the interests of your potential target group. Of course you also have to warm up this cold target group, but how do you do that? Patrick explains that it is important to show a long ad and / or company video as the first introduction to your company. He emphatically states that it is important that you empathize with the target group, what do they want to see?

In the course, Patrick explains a specific method: cold, warm and hot retargeting. He explains that the advertisements must be adjusted based on the marketing funnel and where the target group is located in this funnel. Is it a cold customer? Introduce your business. Is the customer already in the hot part of the funnel? Then offer a discount or mention the benefits of your product / service.

The AIDA model

If you are familiar with marketing, you have probably heard of the AIDA model. Patrick Wind also regularly highlights this model in his course. According to him, all advertisements should meet the requirements of the AIDA model in order to achieve successful results. 

The AIDA model should be seen as a funnel. The funnel is organized as follows:

  • Attention is at the top of the funnel;
  • Interest can be found below;
  • After that comes desire;
  • And is at the bottom of the funnel action.

The first part of the funnel is about attracting the attention of your target group. According to Patrick, this attention can best be aroused by starting the ad text with a question. Consider, for example, "would you also like to generate more online purchases?" This immediately attracts attention and people are more likely to read on.

Then it is important to attract the interest of the target group. You do this by using emoticons, for example, and believe me, it often doesn't look like much, but it works! People will stop scrolling faster because an emoticon is very conspicuous in a (long) text. 

Try to create desire in your target group by, for example, mentioning what they miss if they do not purchase your product. Time-related words are also very effective. For example, think of words such as today or now.

Finally, it is important to persuade the target group to take action. This can be done by processing a clear call-to-action. This call-to-action can be, for example, a link to the website. This makes it easy for the target group to take quick action.


Why is it important to keep developing Facebook Advertising?

Testing, testing and more testing. That is the most important thing if you want to become successful on Facebook. You can test with target groups, texts, images, videos and headlines. In short, plenty of options for testing. And what if you think you have already found the right target group? Testing never hurts, who knows, maybe another target group will perform even better or they might want to see different advertisements. It is and remains an ongoing process without end. 

In addition to testing, Facebook is also continuously developing new features in the Business Manager. For example, it was recently found that the attribution model adjusted, have you noticed this already? Developing new features is all well and good, but it also has to be used in the right way. By optimally responding to this, you get the most successful results from your campaigns. So always keep a close eye on the new developments around Facebook and do not be afraid to apply!


In this blog you have read how important it is to keep up to date with the new developments of Facebook. Do you want to learn even more? Then Patrick Wind's Ads Accelerator course is highly recommended. Everything is clearly explained and it is easy to follow for beginners.

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