We are a full service online marketing agency in Amsterdam. We create new websites and ensure that they generate more conversions.

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We believe that one nice website nothing is worth without visitors and that visitors worth nothing without a website that converts. We like to make good converting websites and provide one effective online strategy so you more relevant visitors and leads gets.



No result without communication. We likes to think along with you and make good agreements about feedback moments. Our project manager is happy to plan the entire project with you. We answer fast, fully and diligent on emails and are easily accessible by phone or chat.


We communicate the most effective message to your target group. We do this through various channels, such as social, organic, paid and display. Feel free to drop by to get acquainted. We share our insights like to be with you, but are just as curious about your ideas. We use effective project and time management tools and go transparent at work.


Baas & Baas has a young and dedicated team. Each of us has our own expertise that we work on with great dedication. We use the best tools and follow the latter innovations and technologies. In addition, daily games of table tennis provide new energy and creativity. This way we can work with full concentration on things that really matter, more website visitors and online success!

Sander Baas
Sander BaasBoss
Online Boss with a background in Corporate Communication (MSc), specialized in online marketing; SEO, SEA and social advertising. Facebook marketing trainer.
Michel Baas
Michel BaasFounder
The Baas web development with all-round WordPress skills. MSc Medicine in the pocket. No longer the undisputed #1 in table tennis.
Leon Hamelink
Leon HamelinkStrategy Boss
Strategic marketing Boss. Provides level advice and provides a clear structure. With 9 years of (online) marketing experience, a real boss in SEO and making business processes more efficient.
Wouter van Kollem
Wouter van KollemProject manager
Wouter is the newest employee of Baas & Baas. He will be involved in project management. Has a lot of experience in the sales business, he assists and advises. Excels in talking and meeting.
Fianna Sinnige
Fianna SinnigeContent Marketer
Fianna is the SEO / content marketer at Baas & Baas. Has an MSc in International Business Administration - Digital Marketing and likes to write about your company. International experience provides a fresh perspective!
Mitchel Bindt
Mitchel BindsCampaign Manager
Mitchel is campaign manager social media and mainly focuses on social media management organic and paid.
James Karsten
James KarstenWeb developer
James Karsten is a WordPress Web Developer. He is mainly concerned with the maintenance of websites. James has extensive experience with HTML and CSS, in addition he studies Software Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
Rianne Koopmans
Rianne KoopmansWeb developer
Rianne builds WordPress websites, and also works as a team leader at Reputatiefabriek. Has an excellent sense of design and detail, useful with HTML and CSS.
Koen Franken
Koen FrankenWeb developer
This mechanical engineering graduate is a boss in building websites. With experience in his own start-up, he knows how important it is to have a beautiful, well-functioning website.
Jette van Diepen
Jette van DiepenFacebook Marketer
Jette studied Commercial Economics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Jette is a former online marketing intern at Baas & Baas and now a Facebook Marketeer. She runs campaigns on Instagram & Facebook and prefers to analyze numbers.
Jop Bosma
Jop BosmaWeb designer
Our most creative web design Baas. Jop still has to learn table tennis, but he designed your website into a true work of art. Very experienced in his profession and with a CMD education completely in place.
Daani de Jong
Daani de JongOnline Marketeer
Online Marketeer met brede kennis van video, social en advertising.
Media, Informatie & Communicatie aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
Beau Sutter
Beau SutterWeb developer
Beau is currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She has a good command of HTML & CSS and always takes her social personality to the office.
Milena Klijn
Milena KlijnWeb developer
Milena studies Media, Information and Communication at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, specializes in marketing and is now also a web developer at Baas & Baas.
Ciro Goudswaard
Ciro GoudswaardDesigner
UX Designer en ontwerp het liefst jouw nieuwe website. Ciro is derdejaars student Communication and Multimedia Design aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
Josefien Matla
Josefien MatlaWeb developer
Josefien studeert momenteel Communicatie and Multimedia Design aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Josefien houdt zich vooral bezig met het bouwen en het onderhouden van de websites. Daarnaast heeft ze ook ervaring met HTML en CSS.
youWeb developer / Marketer
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