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By means of relevant backlinks you become the Boss in Google.

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Backlinks are and will remain an important ranking factor. By means of extensively tested manual link building methods, your company will rank in the search engine. We can take the time-consuming process of link building off your hands. Every month you will receive a full report of all placed links and rankings.

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Link building is one of Baas & Baas' specialties. We are an online marketing agency specialized in SEO and located in Amsterdam. We take over the time-consuming process of link building from you. This way we provide many links of good quality while you can deal with other matters. We analyze your website visitors and adjust our methods accordingly. With the chosen keywords, we will get to work to make your website score higher in Google.

Because we work so quickly and effectively, we deliver a high-quality link profile very cheaply. This will improve your ranking in Google and you will get more visitors to your website. Feel free to contact us for an affordable link building package at Baas & Baas.

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We are happy to show you how we work. Our transparent and white hat methods are explained in the brochure. In addition, an example of a monthly report is included.

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    What is link building?2019-01-30T14: 49: 27 + 01: 00

    Link building is obtaining relevant links on other websites to your website. Nowadays it is important that links are related, relevant and of value. The links must mainly contain real clicks to the site. Good link building starts with a thoughtful one content marketing method.

    Why link building?2019-01-30T14: 49: 23 + 01: 00

    Link building is an indispensable link to achieve a high position in Google. Moreover, link building is a factor that you can influence as an entrepreneur. This is simple. The more quality links that point to your website; the higher your position in Google gets. However, obtaining quality links is a time consuming process that many entrepreneurs do not have time for.

    What are the best link building tactics for my business?2019-01-30T14: 49: 21 + 01: 00

    The best tactic depends on your business. In any case, it is important that you provide quality backlinks. This means that the backlink is first of all relevant. A relevant backlink comes from a site that deals with the same topic as your website. In other words, the backlink is of value to the website visitor. Of course the best backlinks are the links that are actually clicked on by a website visitor.

    Is there a link building checklist?2019-01-30T14: 49: 18 + 01: 00
    • Quality over quantity
    • Diversity in links
    • Good anchor texts
    • Natural link profile
    • Content is king
    • White-hat methods
    • No spam links
    How can you get valuable backlinks yourself?2019-01-30T14: 49: 15 + 01: 00
    1.  There are plenty of ways to collect valuable backlinks yourself. The simplest tip is through social media. Is there a correct link to your website in every social media profile? These links are often no-follow, but it is still important to have the social media refer to your site and vice versa.
    2. Do you have partners, customers or other service providers? Ask if they want to include a reference to you. Many companies list each other on their site as case, portfolio or customer.
    3. Are there any sites that refer to your site? Then check whether they have included a link to your site. You can find this simply by Googling your company name.
    4. There are always relevant blogs and forums on the topic of your site. Try to actively contribute to that and provide your opinion or value.
    5. Publish valuable content. Make sure your content stands out! Those who want to be seen nowadays have to deliver top quality. You can no longer get away with it by processing your keyword in the text an x number of times. It is necessary to top cornerstone content to write. This content will be automatically shared by your followers. Also the social shares deliver value, the social shares have become increasingly important in Google's algorithm, according to many studies. So also take care of engagement on social media.
    6. Guest blogging: More and more companies are seeing the importance of content marketing and are therefore always looking for good content. All the more reason to write good content themselves, so that they can share it. In addition, you can of course use their platforms by submitting a guest blog.
    What shouldn't you do with link building?2019-01-30T14: 49: 11 + 01: 00
    • Collect links from sites that are not relevant to your website
    • Getting links from spammy websites
    • Getting links from sites that have a spammy backlink profile themselves. This link juice is passed to your site.

    Outsource link building to a specialist?

    Collecting links is a time consuming process. It is therefore advisable to outsource the obtaining of backlinks to a specialist in Amsterdam. We are happy to take over the creation of backlinks for you. We also like to think along with you about an effective one content marketing strategy. We like to write high-quality blogs about your company and think along with you to attract more visitors through SEO.

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    Joris Reus, Water Sports Giant

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