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Instagram advertising is perfect om jouw jonge doelgroep te bereiken met mooie content.
Engagement, followers, likes add value to your brand

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Advertenties, daar ben je vast wel bekend mee. Instagram advertising is niets anders dan adverteren binnen het platform Instagram. De advertenties verschijnen op de tijdlijn van een gebruiker, oftewel tussen de organische posts die je dagelijks ziet. Instagram marketing is gekoppeld aan Facebook. Om te kunnen adverteren op Instagram is het dus van belang dat je een Facebook advertentieaccount hebt. Vervolgens kun je zelf bepalen waar de ads Instagram getoond moeten worden; enkel of Instagram of bijvoorbeeld ook nog op Facebook.

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Instagram is booming. It is the platform for this and future generations. Why? It contains a lot of 'snackable content' and people love it. In 2021 Instagram has almost six million users in the Netherlands and more than 30 million worldwide. So enough potential! Especially for B2C in e-commerce, this platform is an excellent opportunity to bring your own content under the eyes of a large audience. This, in combination with the many targeting options and opportunities to create creatives, provide marketers with a powerful channel.


Just putting a post online is not enough with Instagram advertising. It is especially important to find the right mix between the ad, target audience, timing, atmosphere and engagement. By actively looking for the right hashtags and the right users, your ad can become a conversion blast for your product or brand.


You can reach your audience at every stage of the customer journey, i.e. the customer journey with relevant content. The exact approach of your Instagram campaign naturally depends on your goals. We use different scientific models in the design of the campaigns, such as the see-think-do and the AIDA model. Also known for the following phases in the buying process: awareness, consideration and conversion. From this perspective, we look at which approach/strategy is most suitable. This way you can monitor on various KPIs, including:

  • The brand awareness.
  • The number of profile/website visits.
  • The engagement with your posts.
  • Reach within your target group.
  • Number of app installations.
  • Number of video views.
  • Number of leads (lead generation).
  • Number of conversions.


You want to advertise on Instagram but are not yet completely familiar with how this should be done. Baas&Baas would like to help you on your way, so that you can grow in your brand awareness and conversions.

Step-by-step advertising on Instagram:

  • Facebook Business Manager

To be able to start advertising via Instagram you need a Facebook Business Manager account needed. Ads Manager is the starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network. Did you create this? Then you can get started!

  • Campaign

Within the Business Manager, go to 'ads management' and create a campaign. Within the campaigns you can set so-called 'parameters'. Think of an objective (reach target group, generate traffic, obtain purchases), the target group (who do you want to reach?) and the placement of the ad (Instagram in this case, but Facebook or Messenger is of course also possible). You can also determine what visual materials you want to show to your audience and in which tone you want to appeal to them through the ad texts. Everything set to your liking? Take a look at the final appearance of your ads on different devices. That way you can do a final check to see if your ads are satisfactory and the message comes across clearly.

  • Live

Now that you've got everything set up, it's time to put your ads online. You can use Ads Manager's reporting tools to check whether your ads are in line with your intended purpose. How do the different elements in the campaign (text, image, target group, objective, placement) perform in relation to each other? Is a variable underperforming? By looking for trends and developments, you can determine what you need to adjust so that you can improve the performance of your campaign.

  • Adjust/Check

Are you not yet completely satisfied with certain settings within your campaign? No problem, this can be easily adjusted. This way you can always edit the budget, target group, placement and advertising materials as desired. It is also possible to pause, copy or stop the campaign completely.


How does advertising on Instagram work?2019-01-31T12: 57: 15 + 01: 00

Instagram is increasing in popularity. It has become part of Facebook and you advertise on the platform via Facebook. The campaigns are easy to manage via Facebook. Via Instagram itself it is still not possible to post something via the desktop, browser or laptop. You can view your account, likes, followers and other accounts via the browser. Just putting a post online is not enough when advertising on Instagram. It is especially important to find the right mix between the advertisement, target group, timing, atmosphere and engagement. By actively looking for the right hashtags and the right users, your ad can become a conversion blast for your product or brand. It sometimes yields more than 5000 followers in a month.

How does setting up an Instagram campaign work?2019-01-31T12: 57: 52 + 01: 00

Design, set up and set up campaigns

Do you want more brand awareness, more website visitors or more followers for your company? We ensure a successful Instagram strategy and campaigns with a maximum return. Instagram is a perfect medium for approaching the target group in a very targeted way through the demographic and geographical data available via Facebook.

How does maintaining an Instagram campaign work?2019-01-31T12: 58: 29 + 01: 00

Campaign management

Once your campaign is running, it's important to keep following it. How effective is the campaign? How do you spend your budget during the day? And how does the target audience respond to the advertisements? With daily to weekly campaign management, all campaigns remain up to date. Management of Instagram campaigns can be canceled monthly.

Who can I reach with an Instagram campaign?2019-01-31T12: 58: 56 + 01: 00

The most popular of an Instagram campaign is liking a post, but the click range and the conversion are increasing. There are mainly women on Instagram. In addition, the educational level of Instagram is very high. More than half of the Instagram users have an education level of HBO or higher.

When can I best use an Instagram campaign?2019-01-31T12: 59: 13 + 01: 00

The timing of an Instagram campaign is very essential. It is important to post at the right time. There are namely peaks reflected in the use of Instagram. Many people try to launch their ad on Instagram in the evening because the range is the largest between 20:00 and 21:00. People are then done working and sitting on the couch. In between watching TV or meeting people, users scroll through their Instagram feed.

How to advertise on Instagram?2019-01-31T12: 59: 30 + 01: 00

You can advertise on Instagram by creating a sponsored post on Facebook. So you must first have a Facebook profile with a company account before you can advertise on Instagram. By linking the Facebook account to an Instagram account, you can also create advertisements for Instagram via Facebook.

What campaign works best on Instagram?2019-01-31T12: 59: 46 + 01: 00

Instagram is mainly intended for beautiful atmospheric photos instead of serious news reports, etc. It is therefore best to use stylistic images. In addition, people find advertising on Instagram a bit uncomfortable. On Facebook, people are already much more used to the sponsored ads that appear between their news feed. The first campaigns on Instagram therefore suffered heavily from the users. The Instagrammers are now used to it and the campaigns work properly.

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Do you want your products or services to be seen by a larger (younger) audience? This is possible with the help of Instagram marketing. Coincidentally, we can help you with this! How do we do that? You can read that below:

Intake, campaign funnel, strategy, evaluation.

  • Intake

Through an intake interview, we make a campaign proposal to optimally start and monitor the Instagram campaign. Your own input is of course welcome. Baas & Baas is happy to help you develop and launch your strategy. 

  • Campaign funnel

During the collaboration we will analyze and optimize the advertising campaigns, so that the maximum return from Instagram is achieved. We prefer to work in your advertising account and always aim for a good ROAS / ROI. We base our strategies on various scientific models, such as the 'see-think-do' and the AIDA. Both models are also known for the following phases in the buying process: awareness, consideration and conversion.

  • Strategy
  1. We will let you know on the basis of a content plan what kind of an Instagram marketing campaign we want to do and how we will implement it.
  2. Feedback may be given on this content plan. After all, you are the customer and therefore determine in a sense which way the strategy should go. Comments or comments are therefore always desirable. The more we unite knowledge about, for example, the target group or well-functioning content, the more effective the campaign.
  3. In addition to setting up a good Instagram campaign, it is important to have a good basis on which this campaign refers. For example, it is good to look at your own website and landing pages to see to what extent they are well optimized.
  • Evaluation

Of course we will not forget you during this process. By means of a monthly report, we ensure that you are kept informed of the issues that are at play and the results that have been achieved that month. Transparency is central to this. We believe that this is the only way to build trust and establish a strong relationship. 

Dus, wil jij graag het maximale halen uit jouw Instagram marketing campagnes? Het Bazen team staat voor je klaar! Met een team aan enthousiasme en geleerde specialisten is geen uitdaging ons te groot. Geïnteresseerd? Neem vrijblijvend contact met ons op. We sparren graag met je over succesvolle oplossingen!

Instagram advertising fases
Instagram marketing strategie stappen


Download the free Instagram Marketing E-book and discover how you can use Instagram Marketing effectively for your company. This E-book explains exactly how you start an Instagram campaign. How do you use the pixels? Why applying retargeting via Facebook is important and why you should never use the 'promote' button.

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    Joris Reus, Water Sports Giant

    We would like to thank you for the wonderful website that you have worked so hard on. When they arrive, our guests name the appearance of the website, which means that they make a reservation! Booking.com also told us that it looks professional.

    Marius and Marion, AgapanthusBB

    Baas en Baas helped us, The Partner Sales, enormously during the development of our website. They have done this by coming up with a lot of advice and possibilities. In addition, they have trained us with great patience to maintain the website itself. In addition, they assisted us enormously in setting up our social media with the necessary advice. So for the successful launch of the website and social media, we recommend choosing the transparency, patience and advice from Baas en Baas!

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    Baas & Baas have built an excellent site for our start-up Recommendr in a short time. Communication went very smoothly and the gentlemen were able to translate our company vision into a sleek online platform. I would therefore highly recommend a collaboration with Baas & Baas to any start-up!

    Imme Bertens, Recommendr


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