Google has in her blog announced to index https urls by default. In previous years, Google has already worked to make the internet safer. They did this, among other things, by giving https websites a reward in the search results. Google does this to better protect users against internet crime. HTTP websites will not notice much, only HTTPS websites will benefit from the new update. It is a clear signal from Google that websites must switch to a secure HTTPS connection to make the internet a bit more secure.

Safe websites from Google

Google itself has already provided Gmail and YouTube with a secure connection. When both an http website and an https website are available with the same content, Google chooses the https website when:

  • It does not contain any unsafe items
  • The robots.txt file is not blocked
  • It does not redirect users through an insecure HTTP page
  • It doesn't have rel = ”canonical” to the HTTP page
  • It does not contain a no index no follow tag
  • Has a secure TLS certificate
  • The sitemap contains the HTTPS url

In this way, Google tries to make the internet safer and to expose Google users less to attacks such as a content injection or a man-in-the-middle attack. In addition, Google recommends using an hsts header on a server, because then users are automatically redirected to the secure https connection.

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