Hashtags appeared in 2007 on Twitter, the first social media that incorporated it. Nowadays, they are popular in all social networks, but do you know how to use them to take the maximum advantage? 

Why should I use it?

  • Improve the interaction.  There is a direct relation between the use of hashtags and the engagement: the more you use, the more visibility your publication will have. And, as a result, more people will interact with it. 
  • Build your brand. Hashtags improve the visibility, the reach of your message and the number of followers.
  • Find your target. Thanks to hashtags your users find your publications quickly and help to viralice it. 

How can I choose the more efficient hashtag? 

  • Have a look to the influencersInfluencers from your brand niche could help you to know which hashtags are working better.
  • Be aware about the trends: A complete exploration of all your niche also could help you to orientate about which ones you should use.
  • Be specific: The more specific your hashtags are, the easier you will be find.
  • Adapt them to each social media. 

How should I use hashtags on each social media?

The use of hashtags depends on social media and the type of publication. On Instagram hashtags use to be more focus on content. Meanwhile on twitter, they are more focus on the topic of conversation or in one group of people which one you would like to interact with. 

What’s more, the same number of hashtags should not be used in all social networks. This is the recommended number for each one:

  • Twitter: 1 or 2. 
  • Instagram: 11 or 15
  • Facebook: 1-2  (and they are less powerful on Facebook than on the others social media)
  • LinkedIn: 3. You should know that, due to LinkedIn is focus on business, it is convenient to keep them more directs and professionals.
  • Tiktok: 3 or 4

We hope this could help you to improve the visibility of your brand on your social media, just remember this short summary: research the main topics, change it from each social media and don’t use the same in all your publications. 



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