A fairly simple but handy Growth Hack tip is to download the Yoast plug-in on your website. We gave this tip earlier in our blog with 9 tips for becoming a BOSS in SEO. Are you curious what this plug-in does and how it works? Then read on!

What is the Yoast plugin?

The Yoast plugin is a support tool for WordPress that automatically analyzes the text on a respective page. The plugin assesses important factors of the on page SEO. You can see how well the page scores from the color of the dots: green, orange or red. It is important that you see the Yoast plugin as a tool and not as a replacement for your SEO work.

Why the Yoast plug-in?

Suppose you write a blog post about Facebook Marketing, then Google should be reminded of this several times in the blog. The key phrase density is the number of times your key phrase, in this case 'Facebook Marketing', occurs in the text compared to the entire text of that page. For example, if you have a text of 100 words and 5 of them are a focus keyword, the key phrase density is 5%. This percentage tells you whether you have used the keyword too little or too much. But where exactly is the Yoast plug-in supporting?

Whenever you write a new blog, it is important to consider the SEO of this page. Joost de Valk developed the Yoast plug-in for WordPress for this purpose. The plug-in will not immediately get you high in the search results, but it is a useful tool for checking the content. The goal of the program is to make it easier for bloggers to optimize their articles for Google. In addition, the plugin also checks the general readability of an article.

The Yoast plugin on WordPress

Snippet preview

The snippet preview is a search result, just like you can find it in Google. In this preview you will find a blue clickable link (SEO title), a green url (slug) and the meta description.

yoast plugin snippetvoorvertoning

Screenshot Boss & Boss snippet preview

SEO title

The SEO title is a catchy phrase that leads to clicks. This is especially important when the title of your blog post is ambiguous. You can recognize the SEO title by the blue clickable link.


A slug is part of a URL that describes the article. The slug is the part that comes after your domain name in the URL and can be recognized by the green color.

Meta description

The plugin shows how often the focus keyword / keyphrase can be found in the meta description of your blog post. The meta description explains briefly and concisely what the article is about. Make no mistake about how important this description is! As with the focus keyword / keyphrase, it also applies here: without a meta description, there is no optimal findability in the search engines. So always write a meta description.

Readability analysis

In addition to analyzing the search engine friendliness of the text, the readability analysis focuses on the visitor. The plug-in looks here at the length of the sentences, the use of headings and the use of an active writing style. The readability analysis helps you to write high-quality web texts.

Yoast plugin leesbaarheidsanalyse

Screenshot Baas & Baas readability analysis

Focus keyword / keyphrase

The focus keyword / keyphrase is the keyword or keywords that are characteristic of the text and therefore the entire page. This is also the term you want to be found on in the search engines. Earlier we gave the example 'Facebook Marketing'. Choose your focus keyword / keyphrase as concretely and unambiguously as possible. Try not only to focus on short search terms of one or two words, but also experiment with longer search terms. This is more commonly known as short tail and long tail keywords.  

Yoast plugin focus key phrase

Screenshot Boss & Boss focus keyphrase

Keyword / keyphrase density

The plug-in shows at a glance how often the focus keyword / keyphrase can be found in your blog post. The density is the ratio between the total number of words in the text and the number of times the focus keyword / keyphrase occurs in the text.

Outgoing links

The plugin recommends adding external links (links to other sites). The plugin also checks whether these links are followed or not.

Text length

In addition, the number of words is counted by the plugin. The aim is to have articles with a minimum of 300 words.

Yoast traffic light

Earlier in the blog we explained that you can see from the colors of the dots how well the page scores. Has the SEO of your blog post been taken care of? Then the dot turns green or yellow. Green equals excellent and yellow equals OK. Is the dot red or orange? Then this means that improvements are still possible.

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