Due to the constant changes in Facebook ads - think new ad types, progress in custom audience targeting, rules and regulations - it is very important to keep a close eye on these changes to keep up with them. Those who do not do this have a good chance that they will be knocked aside by the competitor who has broadened their knowledge. In short, you have to master the space to stay competitive.

Most online marketing companies will already be familiar with Facebook Blueprint. However, for beginners, it may still sound strange. In principle, Facebook Blueprint is a platform within Facebook (for Business) where people can attend all kinds of free online courses. Step by step, Facebook will take you into the world of digital marketing, where you will gain ample knowledge. Based on that knowledge, you are able to bring your business into the online world in an excellent way. 


What is Facebook Blueprint Certification?

During the course it is not only about following online tutorials. To make sure you have mastered the material, Facebook lets you take exams. Do you pass these exams? Then you will have the Facebook Blueprint certification at the end of the course.

The Facebook Blueprint certification basically measures your skills as a digital advertiser in various areas. Think Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads. Skills can be defined here as: being able to make recommendations for a particular campaign and design a Facebook advertising strategy that fits this campaign.

In total, Facebook covers five in the online course core exams regarding Facebook advertising. These exams are as follows:

In addition to the above exam of 'Product developer ads', you can choose to take the following two: Facebook Certification Product Developer Ads II and Facebook Certification Product Developer Ads III. Please note that you must first pass the Facebook Product Developer Ads certification before you can start!


Why is a Facebook Blueprint certification necessary?

The Blueprint certification is the highest accreditation offered by Facebook. This makes the exams the ultimate way to obtain official 'mastery' in Facebook advertising. Such a certificate indicates that you fully understand Facebook. Think of Facebook ads, strategy development, implementation and analyzing the results. You have been taught the finest tricks of Facebook advertising at an expert level and have thus taken your marketing knowledge to the next level. You as an entrepreneur / marketer are at the top of the game and know which moves to take. 

You also let your target group know with a certificate that you are qualitatively recognized by Facebook. So you are able to bring a campaign to good results. In the case of an online marketing agency, you distinguish yourself from thousands of other agencies.

Do you pass your exams? Then you get one badge. This badge is proof that you are a certified Facebook Blueprint professional. It contains all kinds of information - your qualifications, issue date and expiration date - about your certification and can be verified online.

You are now 'Certified' and can join professional groups such as Facebook Blueprint Professionals. You can also share your badge with your social network. As we said; a badge helps to distinguish you from the competition and makes you an attractive supplier in the eyes of the buyer.


Preparing for a Facebook Blueprint exam

  1. Choose an appropriate Facebook Blueprint certification exam that suits your career level and the specific skills you want to master. Each exam tests a different Facebook advertising skill.

TIP: Take another look at the different types of exams out there and read the info of the exam in question calmly.

  1. Start by going through the free online courses offered on the same platform. For each course you can see clearly and easily what the subject is, the duration (min. 5, max. 50 min.) And the level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced). 
  2. Read the study guides of the desired exams. It states exactly what you can expect in terms of testing and subjects. Use these especially to structure and plan your studies.
  3. Take a free practice exam to get ready for the real test. Facebook offers various practical tests to practice with. This test contains 30 questions and makes it clear what size and structure you can expect during the exam itself. You can also determine what your weak fields are based on the results of the practice exam. Then go through it again.
  4. Go for it; take the exam!
  5. Share your (positive) results with the outside world (via your socials; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and on the website).


Nice to know

Getting a seat at the top table is not that easy. On the contrary, it takes time, experience, effort and a relatively large budget to obtain certification. The exams are challenging and knowledge of and preparation for the requested topics are crucial. The level of difficulty is high and there are strict conditions attached to it. Above all, some experience is required on all three platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Messenger). 

During the exam, you can score up to a score of 1,000, where a score of 700 is required to pass. Each exam costs $ 150, -, with which you are certified for one year. An exception to the rule is the Facebook certification 'Digital marketing employee'; it is valid for two years. This means that you have to take an exam every year to maintain high status. Do this renew at the latest up to six months before the expiry date. Otherwise your status will expire.

Today there is a renewed option to renew the certificate of Professional Media Planning or Professional Media Purchasing. The standard exam first consisted of 105 minutes. Now it is also possible to follow a free two-hour refresher course and take an exam of 20 questions.

The moment you choose to use one of the two expansions (Product developer advertisements II and Facebook Certification Product Developer Ads III), the Product Developer Ads Root Certification is also automatically renewed.



Facebook Blueprint is useful to include in your business process. The knowledge and skills that are offered help you to become boss in Facebook Advertising. In addition, you can distinguish yourself in the market with this. Good preparation for the exams focusing on a single topic within Facebook Advertising is required. The difficulty of the exams is quite high. A lot of time, experience, effort and budget will therefore have to be invested to pass the exam. In the end you can say and demonstrate to the world that you are a real Facebook Advertising professional! 

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