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Customized Facebook campaigns, aimed at your target group. So that you get the best leads for your company. What is your ROAS?

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What is Facebook advertising? Simply put, it is marketing through Facebook. You've probably seen them yourself: ads on your Facebook timeline. With Facebook Advertising you can show catchy advertisements to your audience in different places on Facebook. Think of stories, news feed, right column or in the audience network.

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Considering that Facebook is still a very popular social network, it offers many opportunities to achieve your marketing goals. On average, millions of people use it every day and the advertising opportunities are endless. It is also possible to use Facebook to divert to other platforms of Facebook such as Instagram and Messenger. This makes Facebook advertising an ideal tool for advertisers. Below is a selection of the benefits of Facebook advertising:

  1. Reaching new target groups (and thus generating more reach!).
  2. Giving people rise to a need that they were previously unaware of.
  3. Generate more conversions and sales.
  4. Increase brand awareness.


Through Facebook advertising you can advertise very targeted with a clear message to your desired target group. After all, Facebook collects a lot of information about its users and by letting Facebook know your preferences, Facebook can actually ensure that this target group is reached. There are a number of targeting options that you can use: this can be based on interests, behavior and demographic and geographic data. It is also possible to target so-called 'lookalike audiences' and other relevant segments, so that your advertisements are brought to the attention of even more relevant people. Yes, and it doesn't stop there. The various retargeting options also give you the opportunity to trigger potential customers through channels other than Facebook! For example, it is possible to show your advertisements on Instagram or Messenger via Facebook.

The exact approach of your Facebook campaign depends of course on your goals. On Facebook, it is possible to pursue several advertising goals at each stage of the customer journey. You can think of branding to generating shopping traffic. Whatever the objective, the desired ROI can always be generated within Facebook marketing. We use different scientific models, see-think-do and AIDA. Also known for the following phases in the buying process: awareness, consideration and conversion. From this perspective we consider which approach is most suitable. Do you already have an idea of the phase of the customer journey that you want to optimize? Below we list for you on what objective there are: 

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increasing your reach.
  • Encouraging an app download.
  • Encouraging video viewing.
  • Stimulate shopping traffic.
  • Increase engagement: number of followers, comments, likes & shares.
  • Increasing your online / offline conversions.
  • Generate more leads. 


The fact that Facebook is a popular medium for advertising is also reflected in companies; Facebook advertising now occupies an important place for many organizations in their online marketing strategy. Continuous monitoring and improvement of Facebook ads is the key to a successful campaign. However, the extent to which results are actually achieved is often a second question. We see that many companies often pump a lot of money into their advertisements, but due to a lack of knowledge, they do not achieve the results that can actually be achieved. Timely updating of Facebook advertisements also sometimes falls short and it is often difficult to keep up with new possibilities and tools. It's time for an intervention! 

Setting up and improving campaigns is not the most interesting work to do yourself. You just have to have time for it too. We can design, set up and maintain high-quality campaigns for your company at an affordable price. For optimal performance, we work out a content plan, together with our copywriters and designers. This content plan is fed by clear objectives as well as the specific target group (targeting) on which the campaign focuses. After all, we do want the message and target group to match. Communication in this is key. This strengthens the collaboration as well as the most desired goals. We express goals in KPIs. Think of the number of transactions, CTR, CPC, ROAS, ROI and growth in the number of followers. 

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Intake, strategy, campaign funnel, evaluation.

  • Intake

Through an intake interview, we make a campaign proposal to start up and monitor the Facebook campaign optimally. Your own input is of course welcome. Baas & Baas is happy to help you develop and launch your strategy. 

  • Strategy
  1. We will let you know on the basis of a content plan what kind of an Instagram marketing campaign we want to do and how we will implement it.
  2. Feedback may be given on this content plan. After all, you are the customer and therefore determine in a sense which way the strategy should go. Comments or comments are therefore always desirable. The more we unite knowledge about, for example, the target group or well-functioning content, the more effective the campaign.
  3. In addition to setting up a good Facebook campaign, it is important to have a good basis on which this campaign reflects. For example, it is good to look at your own website and landing pages to see to what extent they are well optimized.
  • Campaign funnel

During the collaboration we will analyze and optimize the advertising campaigns, so that the maximum return from Instagram is achieved. We prefer to work in your advertising account and always aim for a good ROAS / ROI. We base our strategies on the 'see-think-do' and the AIDA model. 


Of course we will not forget you during this process of setting up and monitoring Facebook campaigns. By means of a monthly report, we ensure that you are kept informed of the issues that are at play and the results that have been achieved that month. Transparency is central to this. We believe that this is the only way to build trust and establish a strong relationship.

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Baas & Baas created our website and also does our online marketing. The website looks really great, unbelievable what they manage to put down for the amount we paid. In addition, our advertisements perform well and the contact is very easy and smooth. All in all, super happy !!

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Are you looking for a marketing agency? Then you are in the right place! These guys think along with you and keep their appointments. In short, a partner you can rely on.

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