Have you ever read a post that you thought, "this really speaks to me/finds me funny/want to know more about"? Most will say that they have not come across it very often. Creating engagement with the target audience is often difficult. After all, you don't get the user's attention overnight. You have to create good, relevant and appealing content that exactly meets the wishes and needs of your target group. How to create engaging social media posts, we will explain in this blog.

The most important thing is to have a plan. What is your objective with the post? Who do you want to reach with it? What do you want to get across to your audience? How do you want to address your target audience? And on what channels do you want to share the post? It is important to answer these questions from the perspective of your target audience. What you want is engagement and you won't get that without delving into your target audience. More questions to consider are as follows: what interests the target group? Why are they following you or your competitors? What is their search behaviour? Only if you reach your target audience well can you be relevant to them.


AIDA & social media

Once such a plan is clear, work can begin on creating an engaging social media post. There are a few principles that must be adhered to. These principles can be translated into the AIDA model: attention, interest, desire and action. Below we explain how you can create the perfect social media post. In this blog series, we aim for the perfect website. Would it exist? This time we look at storytelling and how it can contribute to perfection. We dive into Hollywood to find out how we can change with the times. In script theory, it's all about transformation. We see a protagonist in a

1. Attention

Attention is gained when you stand out. The design of a post - both the image and the copy - often gives an immediate first impression. You want this first impression to be good, of course, so that your audience engages with your post. It is good to always add either an image or a video to your post. In addition, the title is key. This is often the second part of the post that you see as a user on social media. Forget descriptive phrases and clichés. After all, contentless announcements elicit nothing to very little. Play on recognizable, visually striking (with emojis) and newsworthy content and shape it into a good opening sentence.


2. Interest

You want to keep your followers continually engaged. It is then good to match your knowledge, information and links to the information needs they have. Tell a story, that's what people want to hear. No boring, short, dry content or sales statements. This does not appeal. So delete last-minute texts from your agenda and take the time to tell a nice story, put relevant information, practical ideas, tips and tricks on paper. Write your content in an active form. This form of writing is shorter, more concrete and therefore ensures a more active attitude among your readers. Also avoid typical written language such as ''thus'', ''already'', ''also'', etc. These are words that are too formal and therefore have no place on social media. It is also better to leave out adverbs to keep your sentences short. Adjectives can strengthen your copy, but make sure you use them - like adverbs - in moderation.


3. Desire

Don't expose too much information. After all, you still want people to be interested enough to look further on, for example, your website. And that brings us to the next point... Interest.


4. Action

Do you want your audience to go along with what you describe or depict in your content? Then don't forget to add a call-to-action to the message. A call-to-action describes exactly what kind of action you expect your reader to take. This could be watching a video, responding to a post or poll, clicking on a link, requesting a free gift or filling out a contact form. Add your call-to-action in the imperative and use that to round out your engaging social media post.

In addition to the above principles, to give your social media post an extra boost it is wise to focus on the engagement with your post. However, do not be blinded by the number of likes and comments that your post may or may not receive. Your ultimate goal is to generate long-term relationships. Show engagement by engaging with others. Ask questions, respond to messages and like some comments here and there. In this way you stimulate the possible engagement just a little bit more.


Testing and measuring

The search for the right social media content is a process. Testing and measuring - as with advertising - is also central here. After all, you have to try something out first if you want to know whether a message attracts attention and gets people to take action. As a tip, we suggest you use an Excel sheet to keep track of which messages are doing well. To do this you can use various statistics that are often released for free on the social media channel you use. Instagram and Facebook, for example, have their own analytics (Instagram Analytics and Facebook Statistics) which you can make good use of.


Extra: Is your target audience of a young age? Then keep an eye on TikTok! TikTok is a booming social media platform, mainly among the younger audience. It is also ideal for getting a lot of engagement quickly. For this platform it is not necessary to have many followers. You already reach a large number of people the moment you post your own video. You can also quickly and easily create new content. It does not have to be perfect, because that can come across as fake. Young people are waiting for authentic, thought-provoking content that they can laugh at or relate to. Another plus: people are quick to comment on each other's content.


Bottom line...

Your engaging social media post is created using the principle of AIDA: attention, interest, desire and action. Of course, a perfect social media post is not suddenly there on a first try. To this end, you need to test and measure at the same time. Over a certain time frame, you can then draw conclusions about what worked best and (possibly) why. This shaping of posts is important, because this is where you create the most engagement among your target audience which in turn ultimately creates long term relationships.

Have you figured out what kind of post works best among your target audience? Well done! If you are still looking, don't hesitate to contact us. Interest contact met ons op te nemen. Dat vinden wij allemaal leuk en wellicht dat we de juiste richting in kunnen sturen.


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