Would he exist? The perfect website? In this blog series, Baas & Baas looks at what the ideal website is. We go after the
first blog and second blog continue with the big core of your online strategy, the funnel. And we get straight to the point.

Where is the priority?

The perfect website is one that is the focal point of all other touchpoints on the digital web and in the real world. That sounds logical of course, but we seem to forget that principle quite often in practice. In our marketing and media mixes, we mix everything with a little more. From a bus stop with a shot code to a social media page or an advertisement, they are always the most important in that one moment. The result? We sometimes forget our center. 

A customer always comes up with the question of how to set up the website so that all touchpoints in the funnel fall into place. The challenge for us is often that this question is only asked when all those other touchpoints are already working hard. In practice, we see customers experiment - from Instagram to radio commercials - until they know which medium gets them the most attention. That medium is then placed on one. 

If the conversion subsequently lags behind the intended KPIs, the question suddenly arises: how is our site actually doing? Because even if you get a hundred thousand likes and visits from that one Insta post, if it doesn't convert, it still means little. So we regularly see companies that are excellent marketing companies, but who still miss opportunities because they simply make insufficient use of web technology.  

Winning point

This problem is solved by putting your web environment on one. The website should be in charge (pun intented!) Of all your marketing practices, not the other way around. The more attention you pay to this, the better it is for the turnover. In practice, this means your interaction design towards the visitor at the front, stability and data collection at the back, and things like search engine optimization, social media integration and newsletter subscriptions at the 'side'.

In short, the third indicator of a perfect website is a piece of cake, which, in practice, can lead to a real goal more often, and which in our experience is sometimes forgotten: the website should be the central point of your funnel. And if this has been successful, then the question arises how you can best run it with content. That will be the next blog in this series: editorial thinking. 

Stay in charge online! 

Sander Baas is boss of Baas & Baas and web construction and marketing expert. Rogier van Kralingen is a writer at The Whole Story, musician at Kralingen and co-author of Mediastorm.

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