Would he exist? The perfect website? In this blog series we are looking for perfection! And today we look at one of the most important aspects: the text. And above all, how to keep it engaging from start to finish. Seat straps tight! 


Make the text challenging 

Challenge. That is the very first law of all storytelling. From film to art to graffiti to poetry to music to advertising to literature… messages that evoke challenging, positive, sometimes even contradictory, conflicting or paradoxical feelings are best remembered by the human brain. For the simple reason that we recognize challenges, because we all experience them in life. 

In short, remembering challenging things is in our genes. It is much easier for people to remember things (rubbing a little and daring to face obstacles or more difficult situations and offering solutions to problems challenges that are really experienced that way by the visitor of your web environment. Be challenging. Then you will be remembered. 


'We from WC Duck' only worked for WC Duck 

It cannot be said often enough: start all communication with something relevant in the heart of the recipient of the message. And especially not with something you want to send. Of course you have to let your brand shine through in everything you do. Identity is extremely important, if only for the credibility of your product. And of course you can tell us how well it works. And who have already used it all. And which cases you have done. And so on! 

You can pat your chest as much as you want. But do yourself a favor. And always tell it after you have made an emotional connection with the recipient of your web message. Because as soon as your first entrant is only something about yourself that has no relevance for the visitor, then you are just behind 1-0. 


Search words only as good as they are captivating

Those looking for tips about text for websites… will end up in a funnel with tips about text for websites… which in turn lead to more tips about text for websites… and those tips give tips about the tips about text for websites… those on their turn ...

See what we've done here? We threw ourselves up with the search words 'tips about text for websites'. Nice for us, of course. More traffic for Baas & Baas! But you as readers? You almost dropped out. The lesson to learn from this is that traffic is not the same as engagement. In short, search words are important. But only if they lead to an engaging website. 


C'est la ton qui fait la music

You can still have so much to tell, still be so challenging, have found such compelling search words and have such a good product as WC Duck ... yet you can still fail in your goal of convincing prospects of your web story. Why? The tone is not right. But how do you find the right tone in the text? 

We often outsource that question to copywriters. But yes, so many writers, so many opinions ... Experience shows that finding tone of voice can come out of yourself better. It's actually a brand identity question. The tone you use is always the right one if it follows from the beliefs, culture and mindset that your organization has. 

In short, if you are looking for the right tone, don't look for the right tone. But first ask yourself the question; who are we actually deep down? And the tone that best suits you (and therefore your website) will automatically emerge. 


Always leave them wanting more ...

In upcoming blogs we will extensively discuss Storytelling, all kinds of identity questions, emotional connections, SEO Best practices and much, much more. Thanks for now and see you next time! 

(And yes, indeed. This last piece of text is meant to keep you coming back to this blog. Always leave them wanting more…) 

Sander Baas is boss of Baas & Baas and web construction and marketing expert. Rogier van Kralingen is a writer at The Whole Story and co-author of Media storm.