The language we talk with: Dutch, we are all familiar with it. However, this does not apply to the Python language. Although Python is becoming the most popular language in the world, many people still have little expertise in it. This probably also applies to you: you may have heard of it, but you do not know what this programming language is and how it works. Let's change that! The beautiful programming language Python can be good for the efficiency of a lot of activities, including marketing activities. The low difficulty in learning and reading makes Python also nice to work with. So pay attention to marketers and entrepreneurs! This can sometimes be useful to include in your policy.


What are the benefits of Python for your marketing activities?

First of all, start with the benefits of Python. Why should you use this programming language? Using Python has numerous digital marketing benefits. Below are some advantages:

  1. It is relatively easy to learn;
  2. It is cheaper to learn Python than to use ready-to-use tools for data analysis;
  3. It has a large number of data analysis tools (Pandas, NumPy, StatsModel, SciPy etc.). These tools are large-scale libraries for data mining, analysis, conversion, cleaning, processing, summarizing, visualizing and reporting;
  4. It is a high-performance object-oriented language;
  5. There is no charge for the open source programming language;
  6. It is widely used in marketing to work more efficiently.
  7. It is an interpreted language that does not require compilation.


What can you do with Python?

Python can help you gain more insights from data, automate routine activities, make more informed, data-based decisions and increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns. A valuable skill!

While Python has many more primary areas of focus, these are less relevant as they will not improve your performance. It is therefore important to first identify the areas that you can use in your daily work. In which area can more time be saved or in which area are many (human) mistakes made? Focus on these areas to strengthen your profile. That way your journey through the study of Python will be shorter and thus more pleasant.

Depending on your field of work, Python can play an effective role in one of the following areas:


Automation of repetitive marketing tasks -

Python is good for its automations; not for a single marketing activity, but for all your activities. Consider the following activities:

  1.   Renaming multiple files;
  2.   Searching for multiple folders and files based on certain criteria;
  3.   Management of multiple files;
  4.   Ofilling of data forms;
  5.   Cleaning up files;
  6.   Creating reports with many different data to be collected and processed;
  7.   K.lane segmentation;
  8.   P.automate row changes of competing products with a Python code;
  9.   Customer feedback analysis; 
  10.   Analysis of A / B testing. 

The automation means that Python is able to correct the most important mistakes marketers make in their work. In addition, a lot of time is saved, because not everything has to be done manually anymore. 


Campaign automation -

Sometimes you work with start-ups or e-commerce companies that have thousands or even millions of different products, SKUs or geographic areas to work with. Manually setting up and updating campaigns can be very tedious. Python is useful in this case.


Data Analytics -

Python is able to analyze your data more efficiently. Use Python to streamline your data collection process from multiple channels. Although tools like Google Analytics have a similar function (data analysis and A / B testing ), Python can also help generate keyword negatives and find user behavior patterns and triggers that force users to make the right decisions. Use Python to create valuable and professional looking visualizations and improve your marketing analytics.

In addition to these options, there are also the basic machine learnings. The learnings can help with many practices, including landing page optimization and targeting adjustments for Facebook and Google Ads. So let these advanced machine learning models choose which ad to show to which customer and at what time. What do you have to do? Enjoy the higher ROI that follows!

However, there is a downside to this feature, because while the learnings seem ideal, the difficulty should be taken into account. For a starter with Python, the learnings are probably still too high due to the complexity.


How do you become an expert in Python?

Acquire knowledge

To become more familiar with the world of Python, it is wise to get a good introduction to what programming on Python looks like in general. Don't worry that it will be illegible, because while it may look complicated, it will be better if you dig into it more. For example, you can acquire knowledge of Python through a general course, whitepaper or book. You can find one of the best (free) resources for learning Python on YouTube. It is a five-part series taught by Nick Duddy to get you started and run your first Python projects. Also Microsoft offers a course that you can take for free. You also have paid courses on Coursera or Udemy.

Once you have the basic knowledge, it is time to apply it. Our advice is to focus on one simple problem. Don't try to create a program that does everything for your business right away and skip complicated things first.


Python works similarly like an app on your phone; you download and install tools and you can then get started. Think of the aforementioned tools such as Pandas and NumPy, with which you can make CSV files transparent. It often happens that you have to work with tables for 'Python & marketing tasks'. You can do this through Pandas; a fast, powerful and user-friendly tool, with which you can implement (almost) any data analysis on data in table format. You will learn exactly how the tool works by watching YouTube videos. Here you will learn to perform the following tasks related to marketing:

  • Finding the best performing ad groups;
  • Calculating the total expenses and conversions for a given period;
  • Searching for the worst performing keywords or ads;
  • Create a pivot table with campaign names and statistics from the more detailed report (for example, ads, ad groups or keyword reports).



Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world due to its ease of use in learning and reading it. Keep in mind that a new skill initially requires some effort and time. To make the learning process more efficient, it is important to determine in advance what problems there are and then solve them step by step. This can provide great benefits for everyday life as an entrepreneur or marketing professional.

Immerse yourself in the world of Python through a book, course or watching YouTube videos. Try to build your own project with the acquired basic knowledge. Practice makes perfect, so start small and easy and slowly expand into more complicated projects. We wish you the best of luck!