Research by Newcom shows that more than 3 million Dutch people use Instagram, of which 50% daily. You certainly don't want to leave it out of your online marketing strategy. In the article below we explain exactly how to get started. 


7 tips for starting your Instagram account

1. Give Instagram photos a personal touch

Instagram is a suitable channel to show who is behind the company. Introduce followers to people who work behind the scenes.

2. Use the same filter

Always use the same filters. Make sure your Instagram profile is recognizable to your followers. The right filter can work wonders. There isn't always enough time to edit every photo in Photoshop. That is why we have listed a few useful apps that can help with this.

  • VSCO Cam
  • Afterlight
  • Whitagram

3. Use a unique hashtag

Claiming a hashtag in the sense that only you can use it is not possible. A use hashtag for a campaign is also a good idea. With hashtags you can encourage other people to use them too. This way you will be found faster.

The trick is to come up with your own, unique hashtag. This makes it unlikely that other players will use the same hashtags. Note: hashtags don't work on Facebook. They are only used on Instagram and Twitter. So when you link Instagram photos to your Facebook page, you delete the hashtags.

The purpose of a hashtag is to filter posts on the same topics. This makes it easier for social media users to view and compare the desired information.

In addition, it is also possible to follow events live via a hashtag. Just think of events, conferences, TV programs, etc.

4. Start with a business profile

Switching to a company account ensures that Instagram users can reach your company (via phone, text message, or email) at the touch of a button. They can also request directions to your store. By using a company account it is possible to view statistics and promote certain posts.

How to switch from a personal account to a company profile?

  • Go to profile and click on 'settings',
  • Click on 'switch to company profile';
  • Select the page you want to link to your business profile on Instagram;
  • Check your company's contact information on the page and make any necessary adjustments.

5. Check your statistics (followers) on Instagram

Via Iconosquare it is possible to analyze your Instagram account. It is a handy website and app to see who follows your company and who has followed you after you follow his / her account. Via Instagram statistics it is now also possible to check which posts receive the most likes and comments, at what hour or day you can post something and when your followers are active. Take advantage of this!


6. The ideal Instagram size

No more frustrations or endless searches for image formats for Instagram. The image below gives you access to all important Instagram dimensions:


7. Easy advertising on Instagram

Scrolling on Instagram all day without ads is a thing of the past. It is now also possible to advertise on Instagram. You do this through Facebook. You link your Facebook advertising account to your Instagram account and a world opens up for you. Various types of advertisements are possible:

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

Instagram ads

It offers the possibility to generate more reach. It is advisable to advertise the best performing post of your account, for example, to a look-a-like target group.


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