Project Description


Web development


Those who are vital perform better! Vedfit provides insight into how the Vedfit preventive absenteeism approach can increase the sustainable employability of your employees. Vedfit promotes a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve a greater vitality of your employees.


Baas & Baas has been asked to design and develop the website for Vedfit. With good SEO optimization on the website, Baas & Baas creates a better findability for Vedfit.


The design has been converted to an active website where the healthy lifestyle created with Vedfit is central. This gives the website a clear but also motivating look. An overview of Vedfit’s services makes it easy to find the service you need. By means of (on-page) SEO optimization, the website is easily findable in organic search results. The excellent cooperation with the client delivers a final result to the satisfaction of Baas & Baas and the customer.


  • WordPress web development
  • (on-page) SEO optimalisati

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