Project Description

Martijn de Wit floors has been supplying and installing floors of wood, PVC, vinyl, linoleum and carpet in combination with underfloor heating since 1995. With expert and well-trained professionals you can purchase high-quality floors from Martijn de Wit. The showrooms are located in Schagen and Amsterdam. 


Martijn de Wit floors were not yet well liked by the target group, they noticed that the target group was not yet well informed about the website. To make the website more known among the target group, we have devised and set up a complete Facebook strategy. Martijn de Wit's target group is mainly on social media, which makes it important to apply a well-developed strategy for this.  


With the help of Facebook campaigns we have ensured that new registrations could be collected. During these campaigns we mainly focused on the interests of the target group. Further in the process, we targeted people who visited certain pages on the website. In addition, various texts and images were used to test with the target group. 


Baas & Baas has been working with Martijn de Wit floors for a short period of time, this collaboration has yielded some very good results.


With the help of the different campaigns we have already more than 30 leads (registrations) on the website.

Range & CTR

560,000 have been reached within a short period of time with the help of the various Facebook campaigns. Here is an average CTR (Click Through Rate) of this 3,5% achieved. The average CTR in the Netherlands is around 1,50% (FrankWatching). With a CTR of 3.5%, we are well above average!


With an average CPC (Cost per Click) of € 0.33 and a CPM (Cost per 1000 views) of €4,33 advertising on Facebook is a very cheap variant. In addition, it is possible to easily reach the accurate target group.

Summary of the benefits of Facebook marketing

  • More visitors to the website
  • Generate more leads or sales
  • Reach potential target audience
  • Inexpensive way to advertise
  • Results-oriented campaigns
  • More sales, customers and online success for your company