Project Description

Online Marketing


The attractive products from Curaloe are a combination of natural high quality cosmetics and beautiful packaging. Curaloe has a different approach to production. With a lab at the Aloe Vera plantation, the pure Aloe Vera can be used directly in the products.


Baas & Baas has set up a Facebook and Instagram campaign strategy for Curaloe.


The goal was to boost the sales of Curaloe products at Etos throughout the Netherlands. The secondary goal is to make the Netherlands familiar with the Curaloe brand. The product consists of 95% aloe vera and ensures a beautiful smooth skin. We managed to achieve a good turnover at Etos within 3 months. We have also lowered the CPC and managed to increase the CTR each time. We are also proud of the range during the oak processionary caterpillar campaign during the summer months.


  • Facebook campaigns
  • Instagram campaigns
  • Turnover goals more than achieved

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