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Cafe Wijs

Web development &
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Cafe Wijs

Cafe Wijs on the zeedijk is an authentic Amsterdam Café. The café is known for its special Wijs beers and the Hofje van Wijs is a quiet terrace on the busy Zeedijk. Cafe Wijs has been a household name in Amsterdam since 1792.


Cafe Wijs needed a new website. Baas & Baas made the design and converted it into an effective website. In addition to a new website, Baas & Baas was responsible for the Facebook and Instagram advertisements.


Baas & Baas has developed a new website with on-page SEO optimization, as a guarantee for good findability in the search results. Baas & Baas has also developed a Facebook and Instagram campaign. Cafe Wijs is already well known in Amsterdam. The purpose of the campaigns was to reach the right target group in a better way. A higher Click-Through Rate has resulted in more targeted traffic to the website. The ultimate result is a higher conversion. The approach has been experienced as very successful. The cooperation was excellent and the client is therefore very satisfied with the steps we have taken. The new look of the website is also according to the customer's wishes.


  • WordPress web development
  • SEO optimization
  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising

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