Project Description

BECIS is a consultancy in the field of information management. In the far-reaching digitized government they are the link between organization and IT. The goal of BECIS is to take their information management to a higher level together with the clients. 


BECIS was ready for a new website in which the Unique Selling Points had to be highlighted. In addition, they were not yet easy to find in the search engines, so that fewer visitors came to the website than desired. 


Baas & Baas has designed and developed a new website in which the core values of BECIS were paramount. It was important to place the content as clearly as possible so that people would not quickly lose the overview. In addition, with the help of on-page SEO optimization, great progress has been made in the number of organic visits via the search engines. BECIS is now higher in the search results, which has increased the number of website visits!


Baas & Baas has been working with BECIS for several months, this collaboration has yielded some very good results.

Number of visitors

In total there will be 15% extra visitors per month with the help of the on-page SEO optimization. This is due to the fact that BECIS can be found a lot higher in the search results of the search engines.

New users

Since the publishing of the website it can be seen that there are plenty of 26% new users have visited the website. In addition, there are also 30% more pages visited compared to the period in which the new website was not yet online. The number of sessions has increased by 32% and the duration of these sessions by 5%!

Summary of the benefits of Web development

  • Optimized for the search engine
  • New and fresh website
  • Reach potential target group better
  • More sales, customers and online success for your company
  • Website is optimized for all screens
  • Websites are created quickly and securely